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About Us

Introducing SPM Assets

SPM Assets is a software and services company specialising in the assessment, analysis and long term asset planning. SPM stands for sic parvis magna. Loosely translated, it means "great things from small beginnings". Incorporated in 2001 the company was founded by Steve Lyons and Chris Jenkins. Corporate head office and the software development team remains in Auckland, New Zealand with the Australian customer service and sales teams based in Sydney. The company also has a presence in South Africa and is steadily growing its global influence.

In addition to providing software tools, SPM Assets has a team of highly experienced consultants to assist companies with establishing the best process for assessing and maintaining assets.  It has conducted some of the largest property surveys in Australasia and is seen as a leader in its field.  Principal staff from SPM Assets have also authored the NAMS property manual and guidelines in asset management for the Institute of Public Works and Engineering Australasia (IPWEA).


Why SPM Assets

What sets us apart

SPM Assets software enables customers to build their own asset intelligence database from baseline requirements to complex asset lifecycle plans that can determine both your financial forecasts and works-programmes for the next 30 years and beyond. SPM Assets provides the technology platform and a range of assets reference libraries to help you establish a best-practive database in record time.

cloud sync'd

It was born in the cloud its software has been developed for delivery via the internet from day one. Its security, database and application management is all built-for-purpose.

helps to stratigise

Its ongoing innovations take asset planning software beyond today its future planning and strategic analysis capability sets it apart and delivers a very real financial advantage to its customers.

mobile acceable

It makes managing asset information enjoyable through using the latest mobile technology with inbuilt processes that leads your people to take the right approach the first time.

manages large accounts

It holds information on over $100 billion of property assets customers continue to benefit from the growing body of asset intelligence and the resulting reference libraries, analytical power and proven algorithms that stem from this.


The Vision

"Our vision is to enable organisations to better understand their property assets and what is needed to care for them well into the future using easy to use software guided by SPM Assets' internationally recognised principles that both manages asset information and produces analytical reports that can be relied on."




Our People

Senior management team

  • Steve Lyons

    Steve Lyons

    CEO and Co-founder

    In establishing SPM Assets, Steve is realising his passion for making a real difference in the asset management industry. Based in Sydney, he is responsible for the overall performance of the company with particular emphasis on the Australian market and forging new partnerships around the world. He is a recognised thought-leader in asset management planning and authored the NAMS Property Manual and co-authored the IPWEA Practice Note 3 for Building Condition & Performance Assessments. He also was a contributing author to the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) and is a sought after speaker on asset management. An inspiring leader, he encourages knowledge sharing and looks to lift the global standard of asset planning and management through the software SPM Assets creates.

  • Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins

    CFO and Co-founder

    A recognised authority on asset management Chris has been fundamental in developing SPM Assets to support the very best practice in asset management and planning. His focus is in the identification and analysis of key investment drivers, policies and conditions that effect the long-term management of assets. Having previously lectured in Infrastructure in Asset Management and related subjects at Auckland University, he has also contributed to the establishment of global standards, appeared as an expert witness and was responsible for the development and preparation of asset management plans for local authorities and utility companies in New Zealand and Australia. His current focus is on the financial and operational performance of SPM Assets and its interests around the world.

  • David Long

    David Long

    General Manager NZ

    David is currently responsible for the operation of SPM Assets in New Zealand and leading its sales activity in this market. He is known for his knowledge of strategic asset management principles and practical application across a diverse range of asset environments. This includes aviation, rail, infrastructure and property. Very approachable and highly knowledgeable, David leads a sales team of enthusiastic experts who are passionate about improving the management of property assets in New Zealand.

  • Sridevi Gullapalli

    Sridevi Gullapalli

    General Manager Australia

    As General Manager for Australia, Sri is responsible for the overall Australian operation and leads a team of asset planners, project managers, business analysts, and customer support and sales people. Sri brings to this role her vast industry knowledge and experience from the corporate sector and within State Government organisations providing a range of asset related business solutions.




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