Assess, plan & analyse with confidence: physical asset management solutions from SPM Assets in Australia & New Zealand

Are you looking for the best asset management solution for your organisation?

Whatever kind of organisation you’re in – if you've got physical assets, we can help you assess, analyse, and plan better. SPM Assets works with customers in all industries, and we've developed in-depth asset management experience in the commercial and corporate sectors, hospital and healthcare industry, community housing organisations, local government and tertiary education establishments. Our experience in the asset management industry dates back to 2001 and covers over $150 billion of customer assets. See some of the work we've done

The best asset management solution is one that makes your decision making simpler and more accurate. 

Because our property and asset management software is cloud-based, it’s infinitely scalable and suitable for portfolios large or small, standard or unique. Plus our asset management service provides you with hands-on help with training, surveying, consulting, and support. SPM Assets is your complete asset management solution.

Asset management compliance made easy

One of the factors that makes SPM Assets one of the best asset management solutions is that our solutions make asset management compliance easy to achieve. SPM Assets software allows you to meet the following standards: 

  • ISO 55000
  • Investor Confidence Rating
  • Investment Management and Asset Performance (IMAP)
  • NAMS Property Manual 
  • International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM)
  • Metadata Standards for Residential and Light Commercial Buildings
  • EC Capital Asset Management Assessments
  • Tertiary Education Facilities Management Association

SPM Assets software does more than just allowing you to tick the compliance boxes. It's a complete asset management solution that gives your whole team the information they need for effective decision making. The planning tools are easy to use, and you'll have the confidence in knowing that your budgets are based on scientific data and methods. This is holistic asset management at its best. 

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Assess, plan & analyse with confidence: physical asset management solutions from SPM Assets in Australia & New Zealand

Key industries

SPM Assets works with all types of organisations in all types of industries.
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Commercial & Corporate

Commercial building asset management solutions for buildings of all sizes.

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Community Housing

Address immediate maintenance and long-term needs of housing portfolios.

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Hospitals & Healthcare

Solutions for hospitals, and privately-owned healthcare providers.

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Local Government

Councils throughout New Zealand & Australia already rely on SPM Assets' solutions.

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Tertiary Education

Discover our specialised solutions for Universities.

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