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We are delighted when our customers are delighted. Case studies from our customers both large and small.

  • USQ


    The University of Southern Queensland has taken the 80/80/20 approach to implementing a Strategic Asset Management System - whereby 80% of maintenance is to be planned, 80% of projects will be driven through the planning process and 20% of the asset register is to be updated yearly. Read the full USQ case study here.

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  • Hastings District Council

    Hastings District Council

    In preparation for its 2018 Long Term Plan, Hastings District Council in New Zealand, wanted to review its approach to asset management, property data collection and expenditure analysis. After identifying some key challenges relating to their reliance on spreadsheets, Council engaged SPM Assets to start a data collection project followed by the setup of an asset database.

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  • Cumberland Council

    Cumberland Council

    Cumberland City Council is a local government organisation in New South Wales. Since 2010, Council recognised there was an opportunity to move from a reactive to a planned approach for maintaining their buildings. Working with SPM Assets, Council has since changed their asset management strategy with many benefits along the way.

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  • Adelaide City Council

    Adelaide City Council

    SPM Assets provided Adelaide City Council with a configured SPM Assets database in late 2013, from which a pilot condition assessment of two of their buildings was completed. From this pilot, Council has further commissioned SPM Assets to undertake condition and performance assessments across the 194 building assets within their portfolio utilising an IPWEA/NAMS Practice Note #3 approach. The resulting information will be utilised to identify the urgent maintenance works across the buildings, whilst also for the future capital planning of projects.

  • Wellington City Council

    Wellington City Council

    SPM Assets is helping NZ’s Wellington City Council stay ahead of the times with a five year project to build BIM models (building information management) for all 2,200 social houses and units. Haydn Read (Manager Strategic Asset Planning at WCC) believes BIM will be a key contributor to their ‘digital city’ initiative over time. This will allow for evidenced-based decision-making and better portfolio management for future generations. It will increase Council's ability to anticipate and manage whole of life costs and increase asset management practice integration into other Council planning functions. SPM Assets is proud of the collaborative approach and the results to date.

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  • Otago Polytecnic

    Otago Polytecnic

    Otago Polytechnic delivers tertiary level courses and programmes for 5,000 full-time students across two primary campuses located near Dunedin CBD, as well as satellite campuses in Auckland and Cromwell. Whilst facing challenges with compliance reporting, Otago Polytechnic required systems to manage existing buildings and infrastructure. Council and the executive team recognised that the ageing building portfolio now needed an evidence based approach to asset management planning.

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  • Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre

    Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre
  • BNZ


    Recognising the critical role of property in the customer experience, in customer service delivery, and in terms of its brand BNZ sought answers to three key questions: 1. What is the condition of the BNZ property portfolio? 2. Is the bank meeting its maintenance obligations? 3. What will its maintenance obligations cost? SPM Assets helped to find the answers.

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  • Origin Energy

    Origin Energy

    SPM Assets was engaged in early 2012 to implement a long-term strategic asset planning approach to assist with the management of the various asset categories that are identified at the Eraring Power Station site. The initial implementation involved the assessment of the building assets (which are assessed on a yearly basis), whilst other asset types (roading, canals, bridges, and dams) have been progressively incorporated into the software. Various reports and inspections have been configured within the system to meet Origin’s direct requirements, which include RTA bridge reports and ongoing monitoring of the dams and canals.

  • CentralAlliance


    With the government’s increased focus on effective capital planning and reporting, and the Auditor General’s assessment that “most DHBs do not keep their asset planning up to date” , the need for quality “asset intelligence” has never been greater. In addition, capital funding constraints combined with the global financial crisis has created an even greater imperative for the Public Health Sector to make better use of the existing asset base. Spotless saw the opportunity for the centralAlliance partners to become asset management leaders within the sector through using SPM Assets software.

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  • NZ Historic Places Trust

    NZ Historic Places Trust

    The NZ Historic Places Trust, a crown entity, is New Zealand’s leading national historic heritage agency and guardian of 150 heritage sites nationwide. Using SPM Assets software, the Trust plans to develop an accurate register of buildings and historical site features and a long term maintenance plan. The unique nature of these assets has meant an increased emphasis on capturing their specific characteristics and requirements as well as the core information necessary for effective asset management.

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  • Rio Tinto

    Rio Tinto

    SPM Assets was engaged by Rio Tinto, in partnership with Spotless, in early 2013 to assist Rio Tinto with undertaking Property Assessment Surveys (PAS) across each of their townships within the Pilbara region in Western Australia. These assessments are used as the basis to determine the long-term strategic asset planning requirements within the various departments, whilst identifying various maintenance requirements and statutory non-compliances in asset operations. The initial PAS inspections focused upon the building assets within each of the townships, inclusive of; villages, commercial, community and residential properties. Since the initial PAS project the software has been further configured to include the assessments of: roading infrastructure, hazardous materials (asbestos), remote camps and property tenancy management assessments.

  • Hume Community Housing

    Hume Community Housing

    Hume Community Housing (HCH) is a community housing provider in Sydney, NSW that manages a growing property portfolio of over 1,300 properties across the Inner-West and Western suburbs of Sydney. HCH is a Tier 1 Registered Provider under the National Regulatory System, with a mission to create vibrant, sustainable and cohesive communities through the delivery of outstanding homes and equitable services. HCH had a need to better know their property portfolio, in which they recognised there was a limited amount of information available that restricted them to better plan their ongoing works. HCH engaged SPM Assets in mid-2012 to implement a specialised configuration of the SPM Assets application that would provide a long-term strategic asset management process. Through the implementation process, SPM Assets worked closely with HCH’s Asset Team in order to engrain an asset management approach (aligned with IPWEA/NAMS Practice Note #3, NAMS Property Manual, ISO 55000, and IIMM) but to also develop & implement a 3-yearly Property Assessment Survey (PAS) process. In addition to the implementation of the SPM Assets software application for long-term strategic asset management, SPM Assets worked with HCH to develop & implement a Property Condition Report (PCR) system to manage ingoing & outgoing tenancy inspections. This electronic solution was implemented to eliminate the need of paper inspection forms, to produce accurate condition reports prior to the commencement of a tenancy, and to easily assess the property condition at the end of a tenancy.

  • Housing Choices Australia

    Housing Choices Australia

    Housing Choices Australia (HCA) is a national, not-for-profit housing provider that currently manage over 3,200 housing properties in both Victoria and Tasmania. HCA is currently aiming to become a Tier 1 Registered Provider under the National Regulatory System by 2017, with a mission “to be a leading provider of affordable homes across Australia, working with partners to create resilient and inclusive neighbourhoods”. HCA had a need to better know their property portfolio, with the emphasis being on the need to improve their approach when it comes to maintaining their portfolio. HCA engaged SPM Assets in early 2012 to implement a specialised configuration of the SPM Assets application to move to an evidence based long-term strategic asset planning process. The software configuration identifies current and future shortfalls, determines projects to address shortfalls, and provides the evidence to support the budgeting process across HCA’s property portfolio. Through the use of the SPM Assets software application, HCA have created a detailed picture of each dwelling and the types of maintenance issues it may experience in the years ahead. In addition to a greater understanding of their maintenance issues, the infield surveys (completed through the use of the Mobile module of the software) highlighted properties that did not meet the long-term needs of Housing Choices and their residents.

  • Auckland Council

    Auckland Council

    When the Auckland Council was created in 2010, it became the largest local government body in Australasia with a combined property assets of legacy councils totalling in excess of $1.8 billion. There was a clear expectation that assets would be managed effectively, and that asset data would provide information to inform future planning processes. Auckland Council selected SPM Assets to manage its diverse and complex scale of property assets and with the alignment, integration and migration of some of the largest and most complex databases in New Zealand; the property and parks asset data bases from legacy Auckland councils.

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  • Health Care Services

    Health Care Services

    Our latest case study focuses on the healthcare sector and how hospitals and healthcare providers can better manage their large multi million dollar porfolios of buildings and medical equipment. This has been done through a timeboxed approach and virtual data model saving both time and money.

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