Do your current asset management systems make it difficult to understand the condition of your assets?

And do you need a clearer understanding of future maintenance and funding requirements to ensure you never let a family down?

Affordable housing asset management is a huge task for a Property Manager or Assets Manager. Public housing management goes beyond managing the condition of housing assets; it’s also about how the community interacts with the assets, and ensuring facilities will support your services now, and in the future.

At the same time, you need to identify which assets fall short of required standards; establish budgets for the required works over the next 10 to 20 years; and know how to prioritize the works effectively to deliver improvements in your portfolio. This involves generating clear and detailed reports to assist with your funding applications – and all your processes need to align with government and regulating guidelines.

Your solution: affordable housing asset management software and services

SPM Assets recognizes the community housing sector has a range of unique requirements for affordable housing and low-income housing. That's why we've developed housing management software with the specific functionality to assess, analyze and plan for the management of your property assets.

Our building asset management software is an effective solution for all aspects of housing asset management. That includes property condition assessments, maintenance planning, lifecycle analysis, works programming and building asset management plans. It is the only software that has been specifically designed to address both the immediate maintenance needs and the longer-term lifecycle and upgrade needs for housing portfolios – because sustainability is at the core of what we do.

But our property asset management software is about more than simplifying housing management: it's about enriching the lives of the people living in community housing. If we can give families a quality home base, it allows them to thrive and prosper - which in turn creates happy and successful communities.

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Benefits of SPM Assets’ affordable housing asset management solutions:

Easy property assessments

Housing condition surveys and assessments are easy and quick to perform, making your team more productive and efficient.

Easy to use planning tools

Minimal training is required to use the range of sophisticated asset planning tools for affordable housing asset management.

Maintenance plans & works programs

The housing asset management software allows you to generate maintenance plans and works programs as far into the future as you wish.

Manage your budget with confidence

Fund the right project at the right time, and have the confidence knowing that you’re following the right approach in your portfolios asset management.

Sustainability in action

The property asset management software will enable you to keep assets functional and relevant for the longest possible period.

Asset management case studies

These asset management case studies highlight how we work with our customers to benefit them:

Tāmaki Regeneration
Tāmaki Regeneration

Tāmaki Regeneration, jointly owned by the New Zealand Government and Auckland Council, is leading a first-of-its-kind urban regeneration programme along the Tāmaki Estuary in Auckland.

Hume Community Housing
Hume Community Housing

Hume Community Housing (HCH) is a community housing provider in Sydney, NSW that manages a growing property portfolio of over 1,300 properties across the Inner-West and Western suburbs of Sydney.

Housing Choices Australia
Housing Choices Australia

Housing Choices Australia (HCA) is a national, not-for-profit housing provider that currently manage over 3,200 housing properties in both Victoria and Tasmania. HCA engaged SPM Assets in early 2012 to implement a specialised configuration.