Calculating the return on investment of your asset management solution is not just about the money

Investing in an asset management solution is about forward planning, but how can you measure your return on investment? It's not just about the money.

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Employee showcase: Sarah Hayman-O’Reilly

In her new role as Customer Success Manager/Sales Engineer, Sarah uses her in-depth technical background, combined with her ability to champion the customer's viewpoint, to help users get the most out of our software.

Drone use improves property condition assessments

Read more about our property condition assessments services, or contact SPM Assets directly to discuss our drone inspection service.

5 ways to improve asset management planning

Managing stakeholders in Asset Management

Asset management projects consist of multiple stakeholders with diverse objectives. Find out how you can add value to all business functions.

Housing providers meeting local needs

Housing providers worldwide have the goal of creating homes that provide the basics. Yet differences in cultural expectations, compliance laws, funding, and even the weather influences the approach taken. Kate Mulligan gives an overview of the key drivers in the US, UK, NZ, and Australia.

Data collection made easier with Mobile

Our Mobile software simplifies the inspection process: it's been designed by inspectors for inspectors, to make their jobs easier.

How to gain clarity on your project priorities

Our Programs module make it easier and faster for you to prioritise and manage your asset-related projects together in one place.

Best Approach for Asset Management Planning for Property

SPM Assets CEO Steve Lyons discusses 2 different approaches to asset management planning for property, and how they can be combined for best results.

Smarter Asset Management Plans can make your facilities last forever

Learn more about how planning longer-term can lead to ‘smarter’ Asset Management Plans.

How does the Lifecycle Analysis module in SPM Assets work?

Find out how our Lifecycle analysis can help you plan for the replacement or renewal costs for your assets for up to 100 years.

Promoting collaboration l SPM Assets NZ User Groups

Learn more about the benefits of attending our Regional User Groups for New Zealand customers and common themes trending.