What are Levels of Service, and why are they important?

Levels of Service are a fundamental building block of asset management planning. Here’s how to get started with them.

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A visual summary of the Auckland Conference

Martin Coates created a thought provoking and on-topic one-page visual summary of the content presented at the Auckland Conference. Read more to see the fantastic drawing, and to read Martin’s commentary on it.

Mobile NEXT will be available soon

Customer feedback has led to the creation of two new functions on Mobile NEXT: the ability to add photos in the field, and building QA checks into the inspection configuration. Read more about these exciting new features.

Programs Integration with SPM Assets is on its way

Your feedback has told us that you’d like Programs to be integrated with SPM Assets, and we’ve identified a number of ways this could be achieved. Read more and vote for the options you’d find most helpful – or provide your own take on this.

Saastr 2019 - where the Cloud meets

The theme of Saastr 2019 was customer success, informing us on how we can tailor our product by simplifying asset management and building asset intelligence.

Use Property Quality Standards to complete Compliance Audits

One of our council clients decided to switch from using paper audits to digital audits with the SPM Assets software, automatically calculating audit results.

Findings to date from the Programs focus group

The findings have allowed us to develop the application such as making customisable attributes to ensure all data can be held in Programs and be reported on.

How to survey a complex building from scratch

Peter Mowchanuk, a Lead Surveyor at SPM Assets, uses his 7+ years of experience to share tips on how to survey efficiently whilst producing accurate data.

Programs by SPM Assets - soft launch

Programs by SPM Assets allows you to quickly build your list of projects within a budgeted works-program using an interactive Planning Board.

Community Housing Workshop, Sydney

The recent Community Housing Workshop provided organisations with a chance to discuss challenges and optimal usage of SPM Assets within the sector.

IFMA Workplace Conference in North Carolina, USA

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) conference focuses on knowledge exchange and collaboration through an extensive programme.

Case study: managing large portfolios more efficiently

A large Australasian healthcare provider are an example of efficient management of large portfolios with over $1 Billion of assets.