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Coming in November 2018

SPM Assets Australia will be facilitating a special asset management event for the Community Housing industry in November 2018. It will be held in Sydney and will provide our housing customers the opportunity for an indepth learning process with a number of hands-on masterclasses throughout the full day:

  • 7 point asset management process - aligned with ISO 55000
  • Property assessment surveys - where each State has their own approach, this session will provide training on what we've seen work the best for CHPs.
  • Lifecycle analysis - how to apply the inbuilt predictive models to produce a 20 year forecast including the impact of maintenance regimes and consideration of the new risk scoring feature. 
  • Works-programming - moving from asset level analysis to project level decision making using 'levels of service standards'.
  • Writing an Asset Managemnt Plan - what's needed for alignment to ISO, what's important for CHPs, and learning how to use an AMP to make a real difference from operational levels right through to the Board. 

Register your interest here. More information will be sent soon.




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