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Building asset intelligence


We provide world-leading software that can make your assets last forever.


Our specialists will help you effectively assess and analyse your data and plan your works-programmes.


Conduct your own inspections or use our experienced people.

Asset Intelligence

Bring your data to life with our analytics and access $150 billion of asset information.

Building asset intelligence through simplifying Asset Management to produce works-programmes that can be relied on.

Software built on an intelligent framework, backed by proven scientific process that provides intuitive tools to plan and manage your assets.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your portfolio, SPM Assets is totally scalable, secure, affordable and aligned with industry standards and guidelines.

Now you can plan with confidence!

What SPM means? Sic Parvis Magna - a Latin term loosely translated to "great things from small beginnings"

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Our Purpose

Planning for better facilities to live, work, learn and play in a more sustainable way.


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What our clients say

“Not only has the implementation of the SPM software greatly improved how quickly we are able to produce reporting on our estate, but we are now in a position to be able to undertake significantly more analysis of the available data and provide a more holistic view of its overall condition and lifecycle. Importantly, we have given the senior executive team more confidence in the information we are now able to provide, resulting in an increased budget allocation to address our backlog maintenance and strategic asset management planning.”

Renee Inkster (Director Asset Maintenance) | University of Southern Queensland

“The software application is specific with the end-user interface modifiable to individual needs. You can obtain core functionality for prudent asset management very easily.”

Rob Ashley | Hauraki District Council

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