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IFMA Workplace Conference in North Carolina, USA


The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) held its annual World Workplace conference ( in Charlotte, North Carolina in early October. Held in the United States each year, the conference regularly attracts more than 5,000 delegates from across the world, with large contingents from the United States, Europe and Asia. The conference focuses on knowledge exchange and collaboration through a programme of education sessions, facilitated panel discussions, and interactive workshops. David Long from SPM Assets attended the conference this year, and shares his takeaways from the presentations.



Healthcare case study: managing large portfolios more efficiently


Our latest case study focuses on the healthcare sector and how hospitals and healthcare providers can better manage their large multi-million dollar portfolios of buildings and medical equipment. This has been done through a timeboxed approach and virtual data model, saving both time and money.



SPM Assets well received at the ServiceNow Forum


The ServiceNow ‘Now’ Forum held in October at the Sydney International Convention Centre (ICC) was a great event with over 2,000 delegates from the around the region. ServiceNow was recently rated as #1 on Forbes World’s Most Innovative Companies list, with this status being achieved by providing “technology that makes the world of work, work better for people”.



Tips and tricks for quick and accurate surveys


From our most experienced surveyor, Peter, adopt this useful method of surveying so as not to miss anything: Start at the top of the room, and work downwards, when surveying a room, do not stand still, walk in a clockwise direction while collecting the components, and then in an anti-clockwise direction when doing the condition grading, this gives you two views/chances to pick up survey the material then the finish. Bring components into rooms, rather than in large areas.



Why writing an AMP can be challenging?


We continually hear stories about how hard it is to write an asset management plan. Even with the huge range of guidance material available, asset managers still struggle with: How to start writing a new asset management plan; Refresh an existing plan; How to ensure an organisation gains real value from both the process and the resulting AMP.




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