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The whale, the butler and the future of SPM Assets


Time goes fast and technology advancement goes even faster, however SPM Assets has always taken pride in adopting the latest Open Source technologies for a better, secure and streamline user experience. What does a whale have to do with it? We've introduced a few new technologies over the course of a the past few months including the renowned Docker whose mascot is a friendly looking blue whale.



NAMS.Property eManual for long-term thinking


Long-term thinking means that we need to think well beyond the scheduled maintenance and servicing tasks. We need to think beyond reactive maintenance. We need to think beyond 5 years or even 10 years, and realise that to ensure properties are managed in a sustainable way, we need to think 30 years out. We also need to think beyond the initial construction process for new buildings and start this thinking at the business case and design phases of capital works processes.



SPM Assets partners with ServiceNow


We are pleased to announce that SPM Assets has recently been appointed to the ServiceNow Technology Partner Programme. This makes it easier for organisations that use ServiceNow to acquire SPM Assets through their Store.



Making SPM Assets work better for you


The Renewal Expenditure Forecast (predictive model) is the oldest and most appreciated part of the SPM Assets software. It has been the main analysis tool underlying the many Asset Management Plans produced by most of our customers over time. Have you found yourself in the situation where you were looking at the lifecycle results and thought "it looks great and makes perfect sense, but what am I supposed to do now?" How do I move from assets analysis to project decision making... ? By Wouter Pels, Head of Product, SPM Applications.



"Because it's time for change" - Housing Summit


Kate Hensman from SPM Assets New Zealand, recently attended the Housing Summit 2018 in Auckland, hosted by the New Zealand Green Building Council.




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