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IPWEA - NSW State Conference 2015


This year's conference will bring together technical partners who are engaged in asset management, road and rail safety, transport, water and waste water, the environment and sustainability, technical innovation and technology. We will be joining other representatives from across the Local Government sector to exchange ideas, create discussion and identify solutions to those 'Fit for Purpose' challenges.



Master Class - How to Produce a Five Year Works Programme


Having completed a data collection exercise to understand the current state of your asset base, the key next step in the process is using the resulting outputs as part of the decision making process to plan their upkeep. In this hands-on session recorded at the Sydney User Group earlier this year, Marcus Xavier takes you through an example scenario within SPM Assets to illustrate how to produce an evidence based five year works programme of projects and repairs.



Community Housing Webinar: Getting the fundamentals right


Using our ‘off the shelf’ templates, we will guide you through the asset management planning process starting with assessing your properties through to producing evidence based works programmes. We will also show you the wide range of Quality Standards you can consider to help you think and plan beyond condition and defects, including compliance, functionality and energy efficiency.



Information that matters


The term ‘big data’ was coined to describe large or complex data sets. It’s only in the last few years that the ‘big data’ revolution has truly begun to take hold, due to massive increases in data collection and storage, along with increased processing power. From our assets perspective, we are the same as every other industry – it’s how we manage this data and what we do with it that makes the difference. There’s a great opportunity for this data to help us think and plan long term.



Monitoring Critical Assets


Do you know and understand the state of your critical assets? Are you aware of whether they are at risk of failing? SPM Assets software can now be configured to inspect and monitor these assets on a regular basis. At this year's Sydney User Group Event, Nick Lampp provided an overview of how the software can be used to complete inspections of critical assets including automated email reports and notifications.




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