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Reserve your place at our upcoming User Group Events


Our next national User Group Event is being held in Sydney on 23 April, followed by regional events in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth during May. These are must attend events for all users of SPM Assets software seeking to make the most of your asset planning tools. You will have the opportunity to hear from other users of the software and have a say in the future road map of the software. You will also be amongst the first to experience our grand unveiling of new functions.



Can we afford a Strategic asset management framework?


Shane Edmonds put this question forward at last year's Australasian Housing Institute (AHI) Asset Management Professional Practice Seminar in Perth. It created quite a stir. More and more community housing providers in Australia are using Strategic Asset Management Framework (SAMF) as a compass to set the direction on the utilisation of their assets. It is the proven framework based around current policies and standards for organisations to better understand and manage their physical assets. Yet how many housing organisations can really afford a SAMF?



NZ's Wellington City Council - Ahead of the Times


SPM Assets is helping NZ’s Wellington City Council stay ahead of the times with a five year project to build BIM models (building information management) for all 2,200 social houses and units. Haydn Read (Manager Strategic Asset Planning at WCC) believes BIM will be a key contributor to their ‘digital city’ initiative over time. This will allow for evidenced-based decision-making and better portfolio management for future generations. It will increase Council's ability to anticipate and manage whole of life costs and increase asset management practice integration into other Council planning functions. SPM Assets is proud of the collaborative approach and the results to date - we will be presenting this at the upcoming IPWEA conference in June 2015, a 'must attend’ presentation.



On Holiday in Hiroshima


Kees Beentjes, Asset Management Specialist at SPM Assets, provided a different perspective of a holiday in Japan. Over the New Year, Kees travelled to Hiroshima which he describes as an opportunity to reflect on issues bigger than oneself. "When a dustman travels he notices garbage bins and waste trucks (Didn’t see a single wheelie bin in Japan). When a metal recycler travels he notices the state and size of scrap yards (they are tidy and compact). When an infrastructure engineer travels, he notices drains (The smell after rain makes me suspect combined sewage/stormwater). When an Asset Management Specialist travels, well, we notice other things."



How to think long-term


This presentation provides an overview of a process that is being used by a number of organisations in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and beyond. It focuses on a service-led asset planning approach, which starts by thinking about the people actually occupying these buildings and seeing how the facilities are providing for their needs both now and into the future. It will show you how to move from a reactive to a planned approach, what you need to do at a board level and what you need to know to get started. It will also provide some good references for understanding the theory behind long-term asset planning.




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