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A bridge that lasts forever by Steve Lyons


I recently came across a video on the Sydney Morning Herald website titled ‘Sydney Harbour Bridge: rust never sleeps’. This video caught my eye as the Sydney Harbour Bridge needs endless maintenance to maintain it’s value and to make sure it continues to be safe considering the significant volumes of daily traffic. In this case, Peter Mann (the Bridge’s asset manager) is making one of the world’s most iconic structures last forever. It’s a similar story that I’ve been promoting around ‘planning to make buildings last forever’.



DRC values for Specialised Buildings by Steve Lyons


How you go about undertaking a condition-based Depreciated Replacement Cost (DRC) valuation for building assets can be a controversial topic amongst Councils and consultants throughout New Zealand and Australia. Considering this, we have recently produced a valuations webinar for IPWEA where we show how their Buildings.PLUS software (a lite version of the SPM Assets software) combined with asset management practices described in IPWEA’s Practice Note 3, can produce a DRC valuation and associated depreciation to a level that can pass a financial audit.



New Zealand Housing Industry - A World Leader? By Steve Lyons


It’s great to see HNZC trialling a housing assessment approach that identifies houses that fail to meet a ‘warrant of fitness’. We have been working with a range of housing organisations over the years to identify the overall quality of housing using a very similar approach.



Let's party - SPM Assets turns 13 by David Long


In 2001 Steve Lyons and Chris Jenkins had a dream - to take asset management to the next level. Using software to automate the complex processes and analytics that are required to create meaningful long term asset management plans. Today the company turns thirteen and we celebrate the realisation of that dream.



FM Summit looks to the future by David Long


SPM Assets is exhibiting at the FM Summit 2014 in Auckland New Zealand on 13-14 May. New Zealand General Manager, David Long, is at the Summit and reflects on the first day's highlights and activity.




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