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One Smart Solution | Digital Facilities Manuals Providing Quality Data from Day One


One of the biggest problems facing anyone undertaking a major building project is the handover of documentation at the end of construction. Often incomplete, unreliable and inconsistently structured it seldom does the job it is meant to do in forming the basis for reliable asset management in the years to come. SPM Assets Tom Clarke has been instrumental in building a smart Digital Facilities Manual that solves this issue.



Fact: Asset managers aren't ageist by Joseph Litre


SPM Assets customer relationship and training manager, Joseph Litre, constantly comes in contact with those new to asset management. He takes delight in highlighting some "light bulb" moments that others have shared in uncovering the finer points of asset management.



Let age not weary them


On the eve of Anzac Day, a time of remembrance for Australians and New Zealanders alike it is good to reflect on the power of "lest we forget". We tend to take for granted that our commemorative buildings and memorials will be around to remind our grandchildren of the sacrifices made by their forebears. But many civic custodians are not taking a long term view as to the care of these assets and for the sake of a strategic maintenance plan age, may indeed,"weary them" and over the years "condemn".



The difference between 'condition' and 'defects' (and why you should care) by Kerrie Warwick


Asset Planning Specialist, Kerrie Warwick is often asked to explain the difference between the terms “condition” and “defects” which are often – quite mistakenly – thought to be interchangeable. While they do coexist and are inferred as the same, in the context of asset planning they are like chalk and cheese and should be treated that way.



Putting Facility Managers in the Spotlight: Four reasons to attend this years FMANZ Summit by David Long


SPM Assets has long been a supporter of the Facility Managers Association of NZ. We drew great benefit from exhibiting last year and are looking forward to taking a stand again for the FMANZ Summit 2014.




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