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New General Manager for Australia


We are pleased to announce that Sri Gullapalli has been promoted to the role of General Manager of Australia. Sri has been with SPM Assets in Sydney for nearly two years as our Solutions Manager.



Asset Management - A South African Experience


Kobus van Wyk from GAPP Architects / Urban Designers, shares their experiences with the assessment, analysis and planning of 8.5 million square meters of hospitals, schools and general buildings serving the Western Cape Province in South Africa. Kobus' thoughts are to “…move away from the traditional annual facility specific maintenance projects to a three year intervention by means of larger projects… only focus on the replacement of critical components identified to be at risk within the next five years… in this way functionality of the facility can be guaranteed, albeit at a lower level of service…”



Client Stories


At the recent SPM Assets Conference in Auckland, Martin Coates used his knowledge of asset management, his artistic talent and facilitation skills to translate the various presentations into this meaningful visual representation.



Your data – your asset intelligence


We are making it easier to breathe life into your data through new analytics and dashboards that bring together your work-order data and your asset information to provide new insights.



TEFMA Strategic Asset Management Workshop


Tertiary Education Facilities Management Association (TEFMA) Strategic Asset Management Workshop was held in Hobart on 21-22 February 2018. SPM Assets was pleased to be a major sponsor and participant at this important event within the annual TEFMA programme. The common theme coming through, as each speaker presented on their areas of expertise, was that namely, sound Asset Management is becoming increasingly critical in delivering a sustainable and modern tertiary education product.




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