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Tips and tricks for quick and accurate surveys


From our most experienced surveyor, Peter, adopt this useful method of surveying so as not to miss anything: Start at the top of the room, and work downwards, when surveying a room, do not stand still, walk in a clockwise direction while collecting the components, and then in an anti-clockwise direction when doing the condition grading, this gives you two views/chances to pick up survey the material then the finish. Bring components into rooms, rather than in large areas.



Why writing an AMP can be challenging?


We continually hear stories about how hard it is to write an asset management plan. Even with the huge range of guidance material available, asset managers still struggle with: How to start writing a new asset management plan; Refresh an existing plan; How to ensure an organisation gains real value from both the process and the resulting AMP.



Programs by SPM Assets will help bring your Annual Plan and LTP alive


LTP stands for Long Term Plan which is a legislative requirement for local government organisations in New Zealand. All asset intensive organisations (rather than just Councils) need a longer term strategical plan – this is one of the key outcomes from the asset management planning process, i.e. a plan which is part of your wider vision, a plan which can be shared easily, a plan which can be altered and impacts analysed, a plan which can be adopted and monitored over time.



Sharing our experience with the next generation of asset managers


SPM Assets has a strong commitment to collaboration and leadership by contributing to training and professional development as well as presenting at industry conferences. Chris Jenkins and David Long from SPM Assets New Zealand recently delivered lectures at two Auckland universities.



The whale, the butler and the future of SPM Assets


Time goes fast and technology advancement goes even faster, however SPM Assets has always taken pride in adopting the latest Open Source technologies for a better, secure and streamline user experience. What does a whale have to do with it? We've introduced a few new technologies over the course of a the past few months including the renowned Docker whose mascot is a friendly looking blue whale.




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