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SPM Software Focus Group


Thank you for your input into our recent SPM Software focus group sessions – they were a great couple of sessions that generated some great ideas and initiatives that will provide some further detail to our software roadmap and shape the development of the software over the coming year or more.



Vision - SPM Group Demo


SPM, in conjunction with Vision Software, demonstrated the integrated SPM -Vision property management solution to a number of existing clients and other interested organisations in Wellington on Monday 24 September 2012.



BNZ Case Study


SPM in conjunction with VisionCRE has successfully delivered an end to end property management system for BNZ. The case study describes the reasons for BNZ’s investment in the solution, the process of implementing it, and the tangible benefits that have resulted.



IPWEA Buildings.PLUS


Available from September 2012 The Institue of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA) is offering a lite version of the SPM software to it's members. It is called Buildings.PLUS and is aligned with their successful NAMS.PLUS product.



Far North District Council Case Study


Improvements in Valuation Confidence Councils require regular valuations with high confidence to satisfy their own business needs and financial reporting requirements. Far North District Council (FNDC) was aware that their asset data was incomplete, and of variable quality and confidence. Improvement and increased confidence in the data and resulting valuations was required.




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