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TEFMA Strategic Asset Management Workshop


Tertiary Education Facilities Management Association (TEFMA) Strategic Asset Management Workshop was held in Hobart on 21-22 February 2018. SPM Assets was pleased to be a major sponsor and participant at this important event within the annual TEFMA programme. The common theme coming through, as each speaker presented on their areas of expertise, was that namely, sound Asset Management is becoming increasingly critical in delivering a sustainable and modern tertiary education product.



Developing Levels of Service


Kees Beentjes, Asset Management Specialist at SPM Assets, shares his thoughts on why some clients struggle with the concept of Levels of Service (LoS), and with the resource requirements to develop these. When working with smaller organisations with few asset management resources, we are often asked the question, “Where is the value to the organisation?” By value, what they mean is: Where is the value compared to resource requirements and against competing work?



The future of SaaS applications – who will win?


Will larger corporate software eventually do everything for everyone – is an 80% fit ok? Or will specialist smart innovative connected applications win? Can a corporate ERP write an AMP, generate a real works-programme and lead you the Asset Manager to do the right thing and make good decisions? If the IT policy is to only have one system, then how can you be innovative and look for better ways to do things. Our technology choices today will dictate our future – is your organisation providing you the right tools.



ISO 55000 for Tertiary Education


As a Business Partner of the Tertiary Education Facilities Management Association (TEFMA), SPM Assets facilitated the final of the 2017 TEFMA educational webinar series on the topic of Long Term Asset Planning Aligned with ISO 55000 - Peter Way (Director NAMS.AU IPWEA) presented a number of insights that will help any organisation aiming to be aligned with the Standard.



2017 IFMA World Workplace 2017 Conference


The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) held its annual World Workplace conference in Houston, Texas during October. The conference attracted more than 5,000 delegates from across the world, with large contingents from the United States, Europe and Asia. David Long, General Manager SPM Assets New Zealand, attended and found that for SPM Assets users the conference reinforces the need for good data, robust analytics, and effective business processes.




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