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Building Information Models through Surveys


Surveying will generate a significant amount of asset data; however is this the right data? How will the organisation report, analyse and ultimately use the information gained from the survey to support its asset management planning and works programmes? These questions can be answered through understanding an organisation’s business needs; its need for the data, expenditure drivers, and existing policies and standards such as maintenance and renewal practices. The data collected and the building information model (BIM) created must be aligned with these to ensure it is meaningful and can be easily used to produce the required outcomes.



Asset Management Professional Practice Seminar


At the recent Australasian Housing Institute seminar in October, Rex Harland from Tamaki Regeneration Company (TRC) and Kees Beentjes from SPM Assets NZ, provided a joint presentation on the data, systems and business processes employed by TRC (a community housing provider in Auckland) to support decision making around the 'regeneration of the Tamaki area'.



Otago Polytechnic


Otago Polytechnic delivers tertiary level courses and programmes for 5,000 full-time students across two primary campuses located near Dunedin CBD, as well as satellite campuses in Auckland and Cromwell. Whilst facing challenges with compliance reporting, Otago Polytechnic required systems to manage existing buildings and infrastructure. Council and the executive team recognised that the ageing building portfolio now needed an evidence based approach to asset management planning.



Development Initiatives from 2017 User Forums


At the majority of the User Group Forums held earlier this year we facilitated a session to gather customer feedback on our development priorities. Ten initiatives were presented and customers attending were given the opportunity to vote on where we should be investing our development resources. The table below shows the outcome from the votes received in Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.



A Planned Approach to Support Funding


Cumberland City Council has recognised the value of moving to a planned approach for maintaining their buildings. There have been a number of benefits gained over the past 7 years - evidence based works programmes, increased funding, greater visibility of each building down to a component level, and successful business cases.




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