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Benchmarking Local Council Property Components


Further on from what our Housing customers have found to be useful reporting, we are now also able to provide these reports for our Local Council customers. These reports allow customers to evaluate their own components against a standard reference point. Previously customers have found it useful to be able to compare their data to typical standards. See how your data compares:



Benchmarking Property Components


Following on from the customer feedback we received from the Melbourne Asset Management Forum held in September, we have started a benchmarking process for the most common property components. This process will assist customers in identifying where their individual portfolios fit within a standard range for these components.



Universities still need buildings


Tony has recently joined SPM Assets to strengthen our corporate real estate and facilities management capabilities. Tony’s more recent history was been in the Higher Education sector across Australasia and has a wealth of knowledge to share – this posting provides insights that could be applicable to many sectors. The interaction between assets, people and technology – many things change that drives us to adapt, while other ‘human’ things will remain the same for centuries. Let us know what you think?



National Housing Conference


As the largest cross-sectoral housing meeting in Australasia, the biennial National Housing Conference is a must attend event for housing industry specialists. Over three days the conference will offer a vital opportunity to share, debate, celebrate and promote ideas in affordable housing research, policy and practice. Join over 700 housing industry professionals and key decision-makers to ensure you are part of the national conversation. We look forward to exhibiting at this conference - make sure you stop by the SPM Assets' stand!



IPWEA - NSW State Conference 2015


This year's conference will bring together technical partners who are engaged in asset management, road and rail safety, transport, water and waste water, the environment and sustainability, technical innovation and technology. We will be joining other representatives from across the Local Government sector to exchange ideas, create discussion and identify solutions to those 'Fit for Purpose' challenges.




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