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The Software Applications Team is Growing


Introducing Software Support Specialist Gavin Bratty. To support the growth of our customer base we are excited to announce that Gavin Bratty has recently joined our support team on a full time basis within the Auckland office.



"Software Talk" - Insights from the Software Team


Thank you to users who have provided feedback on our application – your input is vital and appreciated for our “vision beyond software” approach.



Buildings Can Last Forever


Read this interesting article from the International Observatory on Social Housing.

A look at public housing in Germany that was founded in the 16th Century and is still in use today. Despite the passing of centuries, the conditions for living there remain largely unchanged.

Read the full article here.





TEFMA’s ‘Space Leadership and the Digital Frontier Workshop’


Reflections by Russell Caird, Asset Planning Specialist at SPM Assets: The iGeneration, who have never been exposed to the pre-internet world, are driving significant changes in how tertiary education spaces should look, feel and be utilised. No longer interested in set-time lectures, students now seek out smaller spaces where they can interact in groups, and with their devices and lecturers. The Australian university sector is spending hundreds of millions of dollars in redesigning lecture theatres and libraries into these collaborative spaces. Such rapid, significant and expensive changes create major challenges for Asset Managers’ long-term planning. However, should such changes be embraced – risking the maintenance and works programmes on less high-profile buildings?



The Value of BIM Beyond Construction


The Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre (MRRC) in Auckland is the gateway for 750 refugees and asylum seekers entering New Zealand each year. The original 1940s weatherboard facility no longer met the needs of Immigration NZ and international refugee organisations.




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