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ISO 55000 Asset Management Standards Review


Peter Way from IPWEA, was part of the Australian Delegation attending the Third Technical Committee 251 Meeting in California recently.



Queensland Councils Undergo Asset Audit


IPWEA has recently posted the outcome of an audit report by the Queensland Audit Office - the Auditors investigated the long term financial sustainability of 77 Councils. It said "most councils do not understand how much they need to spend now and into the future to maintain their assets at a level acceptable to their communities." It also said "Most councils plan poorly for the long-term. Their long-term financial forecasts and asset management plans (AMPs) lack substance and reigour."



A New Independent Director


After a search across New Zealand and Australia over the past few months, we are pleased to announce our newly appointed independent Board Director, Tony Urquhart.



Predictive Models for Asset Lives


A blog by Chris Jenkins, Technical Director SPM Assets: Some years ago I visited the City of Bath in England. An old city built over the remnants of an older Roman city. A fascinating history to explore. Following the underground tourist path, you come to a display board describing how the Romans built their drains, and beside the board is one of those drains. A bricked pipe about 600mm diameter. Still operating as designed 1500 years ago. Yes, there were signs of wear with all the angular aspects of bricks and mortar smoothed by centuries years of operation. There is no doubt that pipe has many more centuries of operation before it reaches the end of its life. So what can we learn about asset lives?



Benchmarking Local Council Property Components


Further on from what our Housing customers have found to be useful reporting, we are now also able to provide these reports for our Local Council customers. These reports allow customers to evaluate their own components against a standard reference point. Previously customers have found it useful to be able to compare their data to typical standards. See how your data compares:




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