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2014 Asset Management for Buildings Workshops

27th August 2014


As part of SPM Assets Thought Leadership role in Australasia, Steve Lyons & Lauren Staddon are facilitating 2 day Workshops across Australia from early September. The Workshops include a range of topics including;

· principles of asset management planning
· assessing condition
· ISO55000
· case studies
· workshops
· Hands on training on Buildings.PLUS
You will also gain value and insights from these workshops, as the topics and content will further boost your understanding of how the principles and the tools fit together to provide 'compelling stories' and works-programmes. Although Buildings.PLUS is a Lite Versions of the SPM Assets software, it does provide the basics, which could be very useful for yourself and others in your organisation.

Overview of the two days:
Day 1

  1. ​Introductions & Key AM Principles including PN3 & Nams Property manual
  2. Overview of BP Software use & reporting functionality. Case studiy Workshop & ISO55000 
  3. Asset Standards & Policies, Key Principles BCG & Assessing condition, Group Panel discussion Part 1
  4. Group Panel discussion Part 2 & summary of the day

Day 2

  1. ​​Overview of Management systems & AM systems participants use, How to get started with the Software, Hands on Demo
  2. Quiz based on the Demo, Excercises to build data model
  3. Group work working out deferred renewals, NATSPEC coding & PQS theory
  4. Lifecycle Analysis, deterioration models & summary of the day


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