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Let's party - SPM Assets turns 13 by David Long

23rd May 2014


It is a time for celebration as SPM Assets turns 13.  It is also the one time of the year where we get to reflect back on just how far we have come and blow our own trumpet (just a little).

SPM Assets Birthday Blog

We have gone from a company of two visionary asset managers, with a dream of changing the world - to a team of close to fifty spanning New Zealand and Australia.

When Steve Lyons and Chris Jenkins formed SPM Assets it was literally the case of two men, an office and a great idea.  Today they have built a highly sophisticated asset management software tool which is used to manage over $100 billion of property assets around the world.  

The original team of two has grown to almost fifty, operating from offices in Auckland and Sydney, and support clients in New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa.


Our development team continues to innovate and grow from strength-to-strength!  From the core software to business processes, and the way we support the rapidly expanding list of users around the world we strive for continuous improvement in all we do (easy to talk about, but not that easy to do).

As a company we are still as passionate today as we were 13 years ago, about changing the world with asset management. We continue to be involved in some of the largest property asset surveys in the Southern Hemisphere; working  across an increasing range of sectors and industry groups; and providing though leadership through conferences, industry manuals, and through our software.


No matter how fast and far we grow - it still comes back to the fact that we are only as good as the people we employ.  And if 13 is only lucky for some - it is certainly lucky for us as we look forward to sharing another exciting year with our staff and customers.  Thanks everyone for your support!




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