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7th May 2014


SPM Assets has just been appointed by a major council in the State of Victoria, Australia to be part of its project team through the construction of two high-profile projects with a build cost of around AU$60 million.  Our role is to provide smart Digital Facilities Manuals (DFM) for both projects to solve the age-old problem of handover documentation being incomplete, unreliable and inconsistently structured. We are also providing the council with the ability to use the data for analysis and long term planning within SPM Assets. 

Following a rigorous selection process SPM Assets' "Build" solution has been selected to address the construction documentation process for the council.   One of the key deliverables will be a complete DFM which will be built up progressively during the construction phase, with the asset data fed directly into the council's SPM Assets database.

The DFM delivers a number of immediate benefits:

  • All asset information, such as as-built drawings, O&M manuals, maintenance procedures, certification and other key information is deliered digitally in an agreed structure that meets different user requirements and can be easily accessed and updated.
  • Multi-user access enables the end operators to run the new facilities more effectively. 
  • Reviewed and approved handover documentation is centralised and stored securely online and on the council's internal network.
  • Detailed expenditure forecasts are produced which show a compelling long term works programme that can't be ignored - allowing the council to properly plan for funding needs using this quality data.

No more ringbinder files, that are generally locked down at the time of handover, seldom updated and accessible to only one or two people.

Included in the tender

The council has also seen the benefit of including the SPM Assets Build solution within its tender rather than as a separate consulting engagement.

This means the DFM becomes part of the construction project and the successful tenderer is contracturally bound to provide the required information to ensure that the documentation is complete and structured to suit the council. We provide a direct service to ensure the council gets exactly the right asset data, in the right format, at the right time.

It is a win-win for everyone involved and we look forward to updating you as the projects reach completion.

Note: For more information, Tom Clarke is the lead specialist for SPM Assets' Build solution.  He works across both Australia and New Zealand and is based in our Auckland office.





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