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The top 3 things to have in place for managing assets

8th April 2015


Over the past 7 years we have been hosting User Group Events for our clients to learn from our team and other users as we openly share knowledge, information and skills. Last month in Auckland, we held our most popular event yet with close to 70 people attending from 32 organisations.

We asked everyone to identify their most important aspects of effective asset management planning. People were split into 8 groups and given a list of 19 issues to decide which ones were important for achieving sustainable asset management business processes. Each group presented their top 5 items with most of the 8 groups identifying many of the same items within their top five. Based on the combined results the following three issues were clearly identified as the most important:

  1. Having well defined and understood Asset Standards and Policies to drive the planned works programme. 
  2. The need for the governing body and senior management to support policy and procedure.
  3. Understanding the needs from the building users in order to drive the type of assessments and the resulting works programme. 

This outcome highlights the importance of having senior management’s buy-in and commitment to resourcing asset management as a business as usual process founded on well-understood Policies and Standards.

The feedback from these workshops is now helping us shape the future functionality of our software. Where these top three items are well understood, our challenge is to now build Policies and Standards into the software functionality to guide the process. The user would then be able to link any outputs that form a works programme back to policies and standards within the software.

Other highlights from the day:
• Haydn Read from Wellington City Council gave an inspiring presentation in terms of the power of Asset Management.
• Kerrie Warwick explained the difference between ‘Condition’ and ‘Defects’ which was a great practical discussion that struck a cord with many in the audience and was seen as something they could get real value from in the short term.

Our next national User Group Event will be held in Sydney on 23 April, followed by regional events in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth during May.
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