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Asset Management Professional Practice Seminar

31st October 2017


An Asset Management System (AMS) usually holds relatively static data as a portfolio. Tamaki Regeneration Company have needed to be innovated in their use of the SPM Assets to support the first large scale regeneration programme in New Zealand.

The regeneration 2,800 social houses in Glen Innes and Panmure will result in a transformation from old low performing houses adding more than 8,000 new homes to the Auckland while maintain the same number of social homes. The portfolio was transferred from Housing New Zealand on 1 April 2016, so the transformation has been steep for Tamaki to step up and deliver.

The asset management system is proving essential in managing the business as usual needs as well as the asset information needed for the regeneration programme.

The presentation focused on how the SPM asset management system was tailored to support the on boarding of new properties through to demolition of existing properties while supporting business as usual. SPM Assets was highlighted as connecting asset data to

  • Push information to Tenancy, Finance, GIS, Maintenance, and Redevelopment processes and systems.
  • Regular monthly reporting for asset management, redevelopment and verification purposes
  • The source of truth for the property portfolio
  • Use as the basis for hazards registers
  • Support Tenancy Manager property inspections



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