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Development Initiatives from 2017 User Forums

25th October 2017


The table below shows the outcome from the votes received in Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. 

Development Initiative in order of votes

  1. APIs - connecting with other systems
  2. Risk Matrix as part of Advanced Lifecycle
  3. Redesigned Desktop User Interface
  4. Capturing Historic Information Against Components
  5. Planned Maintenance Enhancements
  6. Future Assets
  7. Run Hours Lifecycle Analysis Method
  8. Project Planning Enhancements
  9. In Field Building Dashboard Report
  10. Component Reference Photos

Since the Forums were held, significant progress has been made with both the Risk Matrix as part of Advanced Lifecycle and the redesigned User Interface initiatives. The first stage of the Risk Matrix functionality has been released in beta form as a calculated risk score at component level. This risk matrix functionality will be part of the Advanced Lifecycle module and the second stage which includes a 5x5 matrix.

Risk Based Lifecycle

The redesigned User Interface is also in progress with a beta release imminent. Testing is currently being completed on the forms that have the highest use including the Component screen as shown below. Expect to hear more about this in the coming months.


We have also completed some further research and prototyping on external APIs in order to move towards releasing a set of published APIs. Connecting to other software applications (EAM/ERP) is a key part of our solution - our belief is that have THE best connected systems is the future - rather than having one system that does 80% of everything. 





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