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"Software Talk" - Insights from the Software Team

31st May 2017


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Continuing to Build Our Applications Team

So you can get the most out of your data, we have recently extended our software development team to include Albert, a specialist in technical data analysis and data warehousing. This additional data mining resource will enable improvements to make your data more accessible and functional.

The first improvement will be released soon and incorporates a higher integration of the SPM Assets software and the advanced reporting tool, Jaspersoft. This enhancement directly and explicitly links the selection of Properties/Assets made within SPM Assets to the datasets used for self-service reporting. It also allows for your specific requirements around data access policies and permissions as configured within the Core software.


Property Lease Information

Another new addition to SPM Assets software is the new Lease Form. The form and its content is a simple addition to the collection of property asset information that we see as key for successful asset management and knowledge about stakeholders and utilisation. As such, we are happy to announce all users can now access it within the Core system.

For this new addition, as with other functions, we are responding to the need for new data and information layers to enable analytical reports. Where this Lease Form is providing for simple operational needs, combining this with other data overlays in time will enable more intelligent analytics. We are keeping our activity within these operational areas to a minimum - our main focus continues to be on smart outcomes to enable you to perform better.

We encourage customers who don’t yet have a good tenant or lease management system in place to use this new Lease Form and the downstream reporting.

For users who have tenancy systems in place, we would like to talk about integration and how a linkage can make your asset management more intelligent. Please contact us to get started with this integration. 

New Technology Stack

Where this new Lease Form may seem like a simple data entry form, we are actually quite excited about this added functionality - it is our first ‘visible’ application of our new Technology Stack within the Core product.

You will notice the look and feel is a bit different from what you are used to. We hope you like it. We are planning to introduce/replace parts of our User Interface (UI) with similar refreshed modern screens and to provide a vastly improved User Experience (UX) over time. Much work has happened over the past couple of years that is ‘invisible’ to you as the user - it is now time that you will start to see the improvements through the front end.





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