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Below you will find a collection of product videos and presentations made at industry events. Simply click on the video of your choice to view.

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Property Condition Report (PCR)

Move from the industry standard paper based form for assessing the overall condition of a tenancy, to a more efficient electronic assessment approach

Using the analytical capacity of SPM Assets

Using the Analytical Capacity of Assets. Presented September 2015

Self-Service Reporting

Learn how to build your own custom reports. Presented August 2015

Asset Intelligence Service

Your data plus our data builds your asset intelligence beyond what you thought was possible

Local Government

Combating Asset Management challenges facing Local Governments. Presented July 2015

Project Planning Tool

Learn how to use SPM Assets as a Project Planning Tool. Presented June 2015

SPM Assets Overview

Discover a powerful framework built with world-leading asset intelligence

How to produce a 5 year works programme

Produce an evidence based five year works programme of projects and repairs. Presented by Marcus Xavier at the 2015 Sydney National User Group

Wesley Mission

The Role of Asset Management in Caring for the Community. Presented by Wesley Mission at the 2015 Sydney National User Group Event

Monitoring Critical Assets

How the software can be used to complete inspections of critical assets. Presented by Nick Lampp at the 2015 Sydney National User Group

Thinking Long-Term

Moving from a reactive to planned approach. Presented by Steve Lyons at the Australasian Housing Institute Seminar




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