Assess, plan & analyse with confidence: physical asset management solutions from SPM Assets in Australia & New Zealand

How can you benefit from physical asset management? 

SPM Assets works with customers from A (airport terminal buildings) to Z (zoos), and everything in between.

Whatever kind of organisation you’re in – if you need physical asset management, we can help you assess, analyse, and plan them better. The asset management case studies on this page will show you in detail what we do, and how it benefits your organisation.

Our experience in the physical asset management industry dates back to 2001 and covers over $150 billion of customer assets. For you, that means that we have the physical asset management tools and know-how to elevate your asset management planning. Read case studies on how we’ve helped customers in a variety of sectors with their physical asset management.

Because our property and physical asset management software is cloud-based, it’s infinitely scalable and suitable for portfolios large or small, standard or unique. Plus our asset management service provides you with hands-on help with training, surveying, consulting, and support. SPM Assets is your complete asset management solution.

Asset management compliance made easy

One of the benefits of choosing SPM Assets as your asset management partner is that our solutions make asset management compliance easy to achieve. SPM Assets software allows you to meet the following standards: 

  • ISO 55000
  • Investor Confidence Rating
  • Investment Management and Asset Performance (IMAP)
  • NAMS Property Manual 
  • International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM)
  • Metadata Standards for Residential and Light Commercial Buildings
  • EC Capital Asset Management Assessments
  • Tertiary Education Facilities Management Association. 

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Assess, plan & analyse with confidence: physical asset management solutions from SPM Assets in Australia & New Zealand

Key industries

SPM Assets works with all types of organisations in all types of industries.
Here some insights into some of the industry-specific solutions and enterprise asset management tools
we've developed over the years:


Commercial & Corporate

Commercial asset management solutions for buildings of all sizes.

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Community Housing

Addresses immediate maintenance and long-term needs of housing portfolios.

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Hospitals & Healthcare

Solutions for DHBs, hospitals, and privately-owned healthcare providers.

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Local Government

Councils throughout New Zealand already rely on SPM Assets' solutions.

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Tertiary Education

Discover our specialised solutions for Universities and Polytechnics.

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Asset management case studies

These asset management case studies highlight how we work with our customers to benefit them:

Tāmaki Regeneration
Tāmaki Regeneration, jointly owned by the New Zealand Government and Auckland Council, is leading a first-of-its-kind urban regeneration programme along the Tāmaki Estuary in Auckland.
Local Council
This Council is responsible for more than $3.0 billion of community assets, with a large property portfolio including buildings and structures such as; public swimming pools, childcare centres, community centres, libraries, public toilets, shade structures, and park amenities.
Hume Community Housing
Hume Community Housing (HCH) is a community housing provider in Sydney, NSW that manages a growing property portfolio of over 1,300 properties across the Inner-West and Western suburbs of Sydney.
Healthcare Provider
This client realised surveying 17 sites wasn’t feasible due to resource constraints, so a time-boxed approach to infield assessments was used, together with virtual data for rooms with a common layout.
The University of Southern Queensland
The University of Southern Queensland has taken the 80/80/20 approach to strategic asset management. USQ is continually improving data, systems and processes and is seeing multiple benefits.
Cumberland Council
Cumberland Council realised that 90% of works being reactive plus paper-based data collection were holding it back. A planned approach has been implemented in workable stages.
Otago Polytechnic
Continuous improvement of Otago Polytechnic’s asset planning approach covers strategic asset management planning, lifecycle forecasts, and evidence-based business cases for capital spending decisions.
Hastings District Council
Hastings District Council’s long-term planning was hindered because data was stored in spreadsheets that could only be accessed by key staff. These problems were solved virtually overnight.
Housing Choices Australia
Housing Choices Australia (HCA) is a national, not-for-profit housing provider that currently manage over 3,200 housing properties in both Victoria and Tasmania. HCA engaged SPM Assets in early 2012 to implement a specialised configuration.
Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre
The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment sought to adopt a Building Information Modelling (BIM) process for the selection of materials, designs, and construction partners.
Wellington City Council
SPM Assets’ work with Wellington City Council will allow for evidence-based decision making and better portfolio management for future generations via improved management of whole-of-life costs.
Bank of New Zealand
SPM Assets software was integrated with BNZ’s operational and tactical in-house real estate system to provide strategic reporting and forecasting functionality.
Whanganui and MidCentral District Health Boards needed to integrate, manage, optimise and monitor strategic and operational-level asset management planning functions to improve decision making.
NZ Historic Places Trust
The unique nature of the NZ Historic Places Trust meant an increased emphasis on capturing specific characteristics of its heritage buildings, to improve long-term management and maintenance.
Auckland City Council
The formation of Australasia’s largest local government body required the alignment, integration and migration of complex legacy databases covering a diverse range of assets valued at over $1.8bn.


I can and do refer many people to SPM Assets because it is the only affordable product on the market that provides exactly the function required by many organisations in the social housing sector. SPM Assets provides decision makers like myself and the Board some comfort knowing that there is a considered method behind the financial forecasting done by our assets and financial teams that is likely to be much more accurate than using historical data to project future maintenance expenditure. SPM Assets also informs our decisions around acquisition and disposal of assets instead of relying on the opinions of staff working in the asset management and maintenance roles.

Brett Hanna, Regional Housing

The prompt and willing support of all SPM staff, staff are willing to help no matter what the question/problem whether it is something simple or more complex. The willingness of SPM to keep abreast of technology and constantly enhancing the systems. The networking workshops which are available where users from various organisations can learn from each other as well as the updates from SPM staff on new innovations.

Annetta Purdy, Waikato District Council

I have always recommended SPM Assets to anyone that I believe can benefit from it. I particularly appreciate the prompt responses and professionalism shown by the team (especially Jose and Mitch). I look forward to our next meeting or conference in the near future.

Hiran Lala, Broadspectrum NZ

In the 18 months since we started our relationship with SPM, the key element has been the consistency of their commitment to the relationship. The SPM team has always found the time to invest into understanding our needs, assisting in our development, and reminding us of our inherent responsibility as asset managers towards our business stakeholders. Along with all the other elements, such as customer support, software and system development, etc., this deep sense of relationship loyalty is by far the most valued aspect of Panuku working with SPM.

Andre Fredericks, Panuku Development Auckland

Our understanding of the current state of our assets together with our future capital spending requirements has never been better. This gives us significantly increased confidence and peace of mind when we consider our capital planning and asset criticality, and our broader ability to derive maximum value from the assets we have. 

Brian Walden, Wanganui DHB/Mid Central Health Boards
Not only has the implementation of the SPM software greatly improved how quickly we are able to produce reporting on our estate, but we are now in a position to be able to undertake significantly more analysis of the available data and provide a more holistic view of its overall condition and lifecycle. Importantly, we have given the senior executive team more confidence in the information we are now able to provide, resulting in an increased budget allocation to address our backlog maintenance and strategic asset management planning.
Renee Inkster, University of Southern Queensland
The software application is specific with the end-user interface modifiable to individual needs. You can obtain core functionality for prudent asset management very easily.
Rob Ashley, Hauraki District Council
Senior management is starting to realise the power of the information we are collecting and are making use of it in our asset management.
Meg, Housing Choices Australia
Council has been extremely happy with support SPM Assets has provided over the years. Their expertise has allowed this Council to understand its assets better and this has resulted in a successful submission for the appropriate funds to manage our assets. We are now in control of our portfolio’s budgeting and starting to make a real difference to the communities we serve.
Phillip Sorbello, Cumberland Council

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