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25 Sep 2019

NZ Regional User Groups - promoting collaborative solutions

This is the 5th year in a row we've held our Regional User Groups for New Zealand customers. We find out from David Long, General Manager New Zealand, what the benefits are from attending - and what common themes are cropping up.
23 Aug 2019

Collaborating on asset management: Stories makes it possible

Stories, the new software module we launched last month, is already proving to be a valuable collaboration tool for many of our customers. If you’re wondering how Stories would benefit you, here are two example use cases that cover fire extinguisher maintenance analysis and a roof replacement business case.
22 Aug 2019

Access your database quickly and easily with QR codes

QR Codes by SPM Assets
Did you know that QR codes can be generated directly from SPM Assets - Property screen? The primary proposed use of the QR code is making information on asbestos hazards available to nominated people who visit buildings to do physical work on site. See how QR Codes work within the SPM Assets platform.
21 Aug 2019

Get the most out of Project Planning

Are you using the Project Planning module in the most effective way? Or, are you thinking of adding it to your asset management toolkit? Read six ways you will get value.
29 Jul 2019

Performance standards: planning beyond condition

Identifying components in a poor condition may result in a programme of works that fixes defects and replaces or renews components, however, this is often only a small proportion of the overall works that could be needed to bring a building up to standard.
20 Jul 2019

FM Summit 2019 - "a must-go event"

FM Summit Wellington, 2019
The Facilities Management Association of New Zealand (FMANZ) ran a very well-organised Annual Summit in Wellington last month – attended by Tom Clarke, David Long and Jose Litre from our Auckland office.
2 Jul 2019

Introducing Stories: your new collaboration tool

You spoke; we listened. Stories is a collaboration space where you can share your asset management related information, such as plans, scenarios, policies, and reports. It’s pre-populated with everything you need to get started quickly.
24 Jun 2019

Asset management objectives that make a difference

How can we get the most out of asset management, so that it provides the most value to an organisation? The 80/80/20 approach to asset management balances an organisation’s budget and resources to meet short-term and long-term needs.