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Local Government

Service-led asset management planning for Local Government

SPM Assets is committed to providing Local Government Organisations with effective tools to manage the complexities of their diverse portfolios. We will provide you with the ability to make informed decisions and develop strategies to lower your long-term risks and costs. As a result, your organisation can continue to provide quality facilities that enrich the lives of communities.


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The Challenge:

Managing an asset portfolio can be a daily challenge for any Asset Manager within a Local Government organisation. In today’s environment it’s more than just about the condition of your assets, it’s about the services they provide and how the local community interacts and views these assets. This can become a lengthy and complex exercise for any Asset Manager.

Looking at some of SPM Assets’ current Local Government clients, the following challenges seem to be more prevalent:

  • Ensure that the facilities will support your services both now and into the future

  • Knowing the current condition of all your assets

  • Identify which assets fall short of the required standards

  • Establishing budgets to meet your required works over the next 10 – 20 years

  • Know where to prioritise your works to effectively deliver improvements in your portfolio

  • Producing and maintaining Asset Management Plans

In Local Government where a large number of projects are managed annually, maintaining a clear overview of all of your projects can also be a significant challenge. Diverse projects, each with different drivers and unique measures of the outcomes must compete for scarce resources. Decisions regarding project approvals and priority must be made within short time frames and audit records kept to support those decisions.

The Solution:

SPM Assets have developed a range of solutions based on your Council’s unique requirements.

SPM Assets for Local Government
Our Local Government software is an effective solution for property assessments, maintenance planning, lifecycle analysis and works-programming. It is the only software that has been specifically designed to address both the immediate maintenance needs and the longer term life-cycle and upgrade needs for your portfolio.

Buildings.PLUS is Australia's leading building conditions survey and assessment planning solution that is proudly supported by IPWEA. Powered by SPM Assets, it enables you to effortlessly assess the condition and performance of your building and property assets then efficiently formulate the priorities of physical works. The Buildings.PLUS solution is an off the shelf product where you can be setup overnight. Click here to learn more

SPM Assets Networks
Networks is a deterioration model designed to determine the expected lives of assets forming parts of a network, most commonly piped networks, along with power poles and roofs. Networks is specifically designed to support asset managers in undertaking rational, repeatable, engineering based calculations of renewal expenditure and valuations of network assets.

SPM Assets Projects
Projects can structure a collection of projects in a way that shortens decision cycles and clarifies the process of choosing between projects - for example, when establishing a Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP). It also provides the ability to undertake rigorous cost allocation to determine the cost of growth and thus achieve significant funding through development contributions.

  • Built from Experience

    SPM Assets has provided asset management expertise to over 60 Local Governments across New Zealand and Australia

  • Endorsed by Industry

    The software meets the best practice guidelines set by IPWEA

  • Scalable

    Whether you are responsible for a specialised or diverse portfolio, our software is built to manage portfolios of all sizes

  • Knowledge

    Our expert knowledge and approach is built in to the software. Principal staff from SPM Assets have authored the National Asset Management Systems (NAMS) property manual and guidelines in asset management for the Institute of Public Works and Engineering Australia (IPWEA).

  • Easy to use tools

    Innovative software to simplify the asset management approach


Hows does it work?

Our software allows you to quickly establish an accurate description of your assets; develop short, medium, and long term plans; and to manage assets on a daily basis. Included in the solution is a range of easy-to-use asset planning tools that enable you to:

  • Accurately record the properties you are managing right down to a component level such as doors, windows, paint and carpet
  • Assess their condition to your own defined standards providing the evidence to establish longer term budgets and works-programmes
  • Produce a schedule of shorter term work items based on a library of predefined defects
  • Assess the property’s amenity and compliance, to identify areas that need to improve safety, security, energy-efficiency, and function
  • Use all of this information to plan your works-programme – whether a five year view or a 50 year horizon.

What our clients say

"HCC have been extremely happy with the overall services of SPM Assets. Their expertise and experience has allowed this Council to understand its assets and this has resulted in a successful submission for the appropriate funds to manage our assets."

Phillip Sorbello | Holroyd City Council

“The software application is specific with the end-user interface modifiable to individual needs. You can obtain core functionality for prudent asset management very easily.”

Rob Ashley | Hauraki District Council



  • Effectively gather your data in the field
  • Start assessing your properties tomorrow

  • Use the templates and libraries – we’ve already done the thinking

  • Focus on the condition assessment rather than how to use the technology

  • The inbuilt business rules guides the surveyor to provide quality data consistently

  • Plan the survey – assign properties to surveyors and manage performance in real time.


  • Interrogate the collected data at a component level, property level and across the entire portfolio
  • Update and improve the data globally with inbuilt front end tools
  • Use the dashboards to gain an understanding of condition and hot spots across the portfolio
  • Highlight the areas that need urgent attention
  • Identify current and future shortfalls based on your policies and standards
  • Isolate specific defects and assign them to works programmes.


  • Use the predictive models to determine the future timing of works
  • Prioritise works based on a risk approach using criticality factors
  • Planning reports that extend out over 5, 10, 20, 30 years and beyond 
  • Use condition indexes and criticalities to prioritise which properties should be on a works programme
  • Forecast future condition grades to determine when properties should be considered for refurbishment or disposal.

Local Government Customers

  • Wellington City Council

    Wellington City Council

    SPM Assets is helping NZ’s Wellington City Council stay ahead of the times with a five year project to build BIM models (building information management) for all 2,200 social houses and units. Haydn Read (Manager Strategic Asset Planning at WCC) believes BIM will be a key contributor to their ‘digital city’ initiative over time. This will allow for evidenced-based decision-making and better portfolio management for future generations. It will increase Council's ability to anticipate and manage whole of life costs and increase asset management practice integration into other Council planning functions. SPM Assets is proud of the collaborative approach and the results to date.

    View case study
  • City of Swan

    City of Swan

    The City of Swan is the largest local government in the Perth metropolitan area with an estimated population of 125,000 in 2013. With limited knowledge of their building assets, the City of Swan recognised the need for change in their current approach as their long-term facility needs were unknown and they saw the value in long-term decision making moving forward. SPM Assets has become a key part of the organisations property asset planning activities after first being introduced in 2010. SPM Assets was initially brought into the organisation to provide the long-term renewal modelling of Council’s asset information through the SPM Assets’ software application. However it was soon recognised that Council’s asset information needed improvement, which resulted in Council adopting an industry-recognised approach (IPWEA/NAMS Practice Note #3). As part of the ongoing process, SPM Assets was engaged by Council in 2014 to undertake ‘building condition and performance assessments’ on 30 Council building assets within their portfolio. The aim of the assessments was to collect accurate asset information that identified and supported the future decision-making process. The condition and performance assessments were completed by an experienced SPM Assets Building Surveyor utilising the SPM Assets software application, previously configured to meet Council’s requirements, and an IPWEA/NAMS Practice Note #3 approach. The building surveyor broke down each building asset to their room locations, meaning that each individual building component was identified at a room-level, with components being measured against their quantity and also having their condition rated. Component-related defects were photographed and included within the assessment, whilst performance-based statements (PQS) were assessed to identify shortfalls. The assessment outcomes, inclusive of specific building condition and performance reports, enabled Council to establish their 10 year financial plan for their 30 buildings and allowed them to review and improve upon their established Quality Standard and Level of Service standards for the community. Moving on from the undertaken building condition and performance standards, Council has implemented SPM Assets’ Hazardous Material configuration so that each of their building assets can have these assessments completed (by specialist contractors) and stored within the software and aligned with the current regulatory standards. Upon the completion of the Hazardous Material assessments, Council is planning on conducting further building condition and performance assessments on the remaining building assets within their portfolio.

  • Hauraki District Council

    Hauraki District Council

    Every 3 years, Councils in New Zealand are required to provide a minimum 10-year plan of how they are going to run their activities and assets. It is imperative they have robust renewals forecast for the next 10 years so that they are putting enough in their budgets in the future that are going to allow prudent and appropriate replacement. Asset intelligence is the basis on which sound decisions can be made. Without reliable information on the condition of their assets, planning for the long-term requirements of an asset base is difficult. HDC followed a specific process to develop asset related business intelligence for effective strategic planning. This included an evaluation of a series of options including existing systems and processes, investigating and ultimately selecting SPM Assets as the chosen software solution to support their strategic asset management plan. HDC worked closely with SPM Assets to determine the most appropriate hierarchy and architecture of the database. They chose to align assets with their corporate documents (LTP) that are distributed to the community. Eg. Where recreation is grouped within the LTP, this needed to be grouped in the same manner within the application. Historically, this was not the case, which required a lot of rework in the presentation of their financial information in AMPS and vice versa to corporate strategic documents. Before surveying commenced, the integrity of existing data was verified. HDC had limited internal resources to assess the condition of the entire portfolio so they engaged SPM Assets surveyors. They prioritised the departments assets that posed the highest risk to the organisation, e.g. Assets with health and safety risks such as grandstands, pension housing and public halls. HDC can now produce documents that withstand financial audits. They can confidently produce an updated long-term plan. All the current renewals forecasts have been drawn from the application that is structured hierarchically and captures assets at a component level. It applies unit rates (based on Rawlinson’s) providing reliable renewal forecasts for all assets classes in the system. Their position of truth in terms of data and cost for renewals is much more accurate. They can now make executive decisions on the lifecycle decision making of the asset. They also have that level of alignment with their other systems that is invaluable.

    View case study
  • City of Ryde

    City of Ryde

  • Auckland Council

    Auckland Council

    When the Auckland Council was created in 2010, it became the largest local government body in Australasia with a combined property assets of legacy councils totalling in excess of $1.8 billion. There was a clear expectation that assets would be managed effectively, and that asset data would provide information to inform future planning processes. Auckland Council selected SPM Assets to manage its diverse and complex scale of property assets and with the alignment, integration and migration of some of the largest and most complex databases in New Zealand; the property and parks asset data bases from legacy Auckland councils.

    View case study
  • Holroyd City Council

    Holroyd City Council

  • Adelaide City Council

    Adelaide City Council

    SPM Assets provided Adelaide City Council with a configured SPM Assets database in late 2013, from which a pilot condition assessment of two of their buildings was completed. From this pilot, Council has further commissioned SPM Assets to undertake condition and performance assessments across the 194 building assets within their portfolio utilising an IPWEA/NAMS Practice Note #3 approach. The resulting information will be utilised to identify the urgent maintenance works across the buildings, whilst also for the future capital planning of projects.

    View case study
  • Marrickville Council

    Marrickville Council

    Marrickville Council's mission is to be a responsive, innovative and efficient Council that exercises leadership and builds community strength. Marrickville Council has developed a long term vision for the area to the year 2021. Marrickville Council will work with the people of Marrickville to ensure that we maintain and build upon those elements of the community that we value, in order to keep Marrickville a great place to live in 2021 and beyond.

  • Bankstown City Council

    Bankstown City Council




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