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Our Software Application

Move towards a planned approach to maintaining your assets, with a world-class asset management system at your finger tips.

SPM Assests powerful software applications

Discover a powerful system that gives you:


Asset References and templates to build and maintain any type of asset register quickly.

Analytical models that interrogate your 'big data' and report outcomes through easy to read dashboards.

An embedded business intelligence tool providing insights to risks and opportunities.

Data security and peace of mind - you choose your own level of security and performance.


Making assets 'last forever'...

The purpose of the software is to provide you the tools for assessing, analysing and planning for your assets - in a way that they could in-fact last forever. Where many other asset management systems focus on daily workflows, the SPM Assets software helps you think and plan long term using evidence, science and producing works-programmes driven by risk.



Core System

The heart of the software More

Additional Modules

Add what you need More

Specific solutions

An ever growing list More


Functions & features available to all users

The features of the Core system allows you to:

  • Categorise your assets to any level within the Asset Register - portfolio, location, types, component groupings and many more. 
  • Know that your data is safe and backed up every night. 
  • Utilise our Asset References and Templates specific to your industry so that you can quickly build your information models.
  • The 'condition based risk analysis' to predict when work is needed provides the science to your lifecycle forecasts.
  • Preconfigured reports and dashboards that tell your compelling story.
  • Interrogate your data and resulting information in many ways.
  • Establish the level of permissions and access needed for your different types of users.
  • Have confidence that the software is aligned with the principles of ISO 55000.

Extend the value of the Core System

These can be added at any time:

  • Advanced Reporting: Provides access to an embedded Business Intelligence tool with Self Service reporting. You can upload other data sources and create your own reports to identify risks and opportunities across your portfolio.
  • Mobile: an advanced, flexible and easy to use mobile application that can significantly reduce the time it takes to assess the condition and performance of assets.
  • Advanced Data: Providing the capability and flexibility to collect a range of additional asset information such as component defects, a variety of attributes and also providing functionality to update/upload/download data in bulk
  • Project Planning: Move from asset planning to project decision making with the budgeting, condition forecasting and project-planning functions. Model scenarios, decide and adopt your works-programme.
  • Property Quality Standards: Assess and analyse the quality of your buildings through assigning quality standards such as compliance, security, accessibility, functionality, energy efficiency and safety.
  • Maintenance Planning: Plan your cyclic maintenance, servicing, inspection and cleaning tasks at a component level - adopt whats affordable and pass to your work management system.
  • Web services: Connect SPM Assets to your existing systems with web services APIs - choose from a selection of standard APIs

Customer solutions available to all 

The innovations that are available through our collaborative approach with customers:

  • Work Request Application: A simple tool thats quick to record defects or any issue that needs followup or work done. Take a photo and describe the issue on your phone or tablet. It can be provided to anyone in your organisation so that your assets are actively being inspected daily.  
  • Property Condition Report: We still see many of our Community Housing customers use paper based forms (RTA – residential tenancy act) to inspect properties before and after a new tenant moves in. This PCR (property condition report) module identifies whether components are working, damaged and need cleaning - it can also be applied to commercially tenanted buildings.
  • HAZMAT Reports: Auditors can use the Mobile software to identify components that contain hazardous material including lead paint, asbestos, and hazardous refrigerants or sealants such as CFC and HCFC's. It replaces manual paper based methods and brings all information together in the SPM Assets software rather than being stored on spreadsheets.
  • Essential Services Audits: Although you’ve outsourced your essential services maitenance, have your contractors actually completed their tasks and are any of your buildings at risk – you audit them yourself using this application on Mobile.
  • Asset Monitoring: Monitor the performance of selected assets by recording specific measures daily, weekly or monthly using the infield Mobile application on your phone or tablet. Automatic alerts can be produced from the software following an inspection to identify when an asset falls outside its operating/performing criteria.  

Hauraki District Council

"The software application is specific with the end-user interface modifiable to individual needs. You can obtain core functionality for prudent asset management very easily.”




Cumberland Council

“Council has been extremely happy with services SPM Assets has provided over the years. Their expertise has allowed Council to understand its assets better, resulting in a successful submission for the appropriate funds to manage our assets. We are now in control of our portfolio’s budgeting, and starting to make a real difference to the communities we serve.”

Phillip Sorbello



Start with an 'off the shelf' configuration

Setup over night!

We have used our vast libraries of information (about $150 billion of assets) to create a series of 'off the shelf' databases that you can have loaded with your information, overnight. These templates allow you to create your Building Information Models (BIM) and generate evidence based works-programmes using proven analytics, with little Configuration.

Whether your organisation is large or small, commercial or government, properties or other other asset types, it's likely that we have a database already tailored to your industry. And where needed, we can further design a configuration specific to your business needs - this could be for a large government organisations worth billions, through to smaller property portfolio owners. 

Software in action

Monthly subscription licences

You gain access to the software through a monthly subscription determined by the number of users and the selected modules. The Core System is the starting point - you then add the modules depending on your organisation's business needs - you may also need Specific Solutions, and choose your level of security and performance needed.

The Cloud based subscription model allows you to add modules and users as your needs expand over time. Start small or implement the full system with all modules - it's up to you. You can also add and remove users for specific projects that have short durations.

Software Licence Terms

Software in action

Select your Cloud environment:

Shared Cloud

Shared Cloud

Your database is provided on a 'shared' environment with other SPM Assets customers. A good place to start where specific performance and security requirements may evolve over time.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Set your own level of performance and security within your own 'isolated' environment. Typically needed by customers that have significant asset portfolios and need to follow tight security policies.


What sets us apart


    Our thought-leadership is built into the software to give you confidence that you are using the right approach.


    Asset Managers across Australasia and beyond have guided our Roadmap for over 14 years across a range of industries - over 100 customers and $150 bn of assets.


    Our continual development approach means you benefit from new functions and improved features throughout the year.


    Built on the latest desktop and mobile web platforms - secure and scalable Cloud architecture.


    Functions and screens have been designed by Asset Managers for Asset Managers and therefore, simple and easy to use. 


    Start off on a cost effective monthly subscription then add users and Applications as needed.


    Whether you are responsible for 30 properties or 3 million assets, the software allows for seamless growth. Continually add users, applications, and assets as needed.


Give us a call to discuss your needs:

Your monthly subscription includes:

  • A Cloud environment that can be accessed anywhere
  • Regular new and improved features and functions
  • Strong security features that are continually improved 
  • Data is backed up nightly over a 2 year rolling period 
  • One desktop user 
  • 50GB data storage
  • Online training material including task guides and videos
  • Industry specific asset templates
  • Access to recognised asset planning specialists

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