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Our specialist consultants will help you to effectively assess + analyse + plan your assets


While SPM Assets' primary focus is developing software to simplify asset planning, this is backed by a range of specialist services to assist you to build your own asset intelligence.



Even though our software is web-based, intuitive and easy-to-use, exactly mapping this to your internal systems and reporting requirements can be complex.  We strongly recommend that you engage our implementation service to assist you to get up and running quickly and easily  - we can tailor the extent of our assistance to the scale and complexity of your implementation requirements.

One of the first things we will do is run you through our 7 Point Framework.  This helps us to mutually plan what is required and really understand the outcomes you are wanting to generate.  Our approach is a combination of workshops, consulting and training culminating in a process we call ADIBES.

 ADIBES Process


While some post implementation support is included, we strongly recommend taking up the additional support package to ensure you have ongoing and immediate response to your queries and have priority status in our support queue. 



We have a dedicated support team working in both Australia and New Zealand.   We operate during standard business hours in each market with global support handled from New Zealand.  We make every effort to respond to all support requests within a 24 hour window.

A large number of our support enquiries are related to asset management practice and sit outside of the standard support offered for our software.  You will be advised if additional charges might be incurred, when your support query is responded to. One of our consultants will then be able to work with you to achieve the result you are after.  Our team is highly approachable and expert in using the software and asset management practice. 



We have training co-ordinators in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.  They are available to train your team as part of the software implementation and to provide additional training to new team members and/or as you deploy new functionality or modules across your system.  Training can be delivered in person or by webinar, or a combination of both. 

You receive a comprehensive training manual as part of your package and every effort is made to directly match the training to the exact needs of your organisation – including administration, desktop, mobile and read only users.  There is a strong practical component to the training – it is very much hands on.  There are also a number of public training sessions that are publicized through our website news


Consulting - Analysis & Reports

You have all the data but lack the time, resource or expertise to extract the full value from it.  Or maybe you just want someone to manage the whole process from determining the data collection requirements, right through to creating the resulting plans.  SPM Assets has a team of qualified asset management specialists to help you with all of this. Let us know if would like us to quote on providing lifecycle forecasts, asset management plans (AMPs), valuation schedules,  maintenance plans or any other building asset intelligence you might need.  We can work with you on a one-off basis or create value on a monthly or annual basis.  Let us provide you with a quote



While we encourage our customers to conduct their own surveys sometimes there just isn't the internal resource, time and/or knowledge available to complete a survey by the given deadline. To assist with this. SPM Assets employs a team of qualified asset surveyors to complete a range of survey projects.

As a result, SPM Assets has been engaged to deliver some of the largest property survey projects in the Southern Hemisphere. Depending on the complexity and size of the survey, our surveyors can work alongside, or direct, teams of internal or hired resources to ensure any survey is completed to industry best-practice standards, on-time and on-budget.  We are happy to quote on any project, just let us know what you are trying to achieve.


Building - Digital Facility Manuals

If you are in the process of building a property – or are about to start – then SPM Assets Digital Facility Manual service can solve an age old headache.  Typically, as the property owner, you will be delivered a box of files of drawings and manuals to specify the build once everything has been signed off.  This should tell you exactly what has been specified where and exactly what is being purchased for your building.

What we are offering is a digital alternative. SPM Assets will deliver you all of this information (and more) in a searchable, accessible and updatable web-based solution that can be accessed via the cloud or from your network.  We work with you, your architect, quantity surveyor and contractors to collect all the required information through the building process – so that the end result is as accurate as it can be. It also delivers all the information that you need to feed into a lifecycle analysis.

From the day you turn the key in the lock you have all of the drawings and “as built” information in a searchable format.  Plus we feed this into a twenty year forecast detailing the projected maintenance and replacement requirements at a component level.  Your works programme and budgets can then be built out from this.

SPM Assets manages the entire process for you.  Let us give you a quick overview of what we do and how this can benefit you (and your building).




Please take a few moments to send us your questions, comments or suggestions, and we will respond within 24 hours.


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