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Get a FREE one-month trial of SPM Assets software

To gain a full appreciation of the value SPM Assets software can provide, we are offering a month’s trial. All you need to do is register your details below and we will set you up with your own system – and depending on the type of asset data you may already have, we will also load your data and blend with our references, which will allow you to generate the reports as shown below.

Condition drilldown: hot spots identify risks at a glance
Condition Drilldown
Dashboard of your data and results
Lifecycle analysis: in-built prediction model considers risk, useful lives, and condition - all at a component level
Lifecycle Renewal


  • Gain a deep understanding of the SPM Assets software using your own data.
  • Better understand your portfolio through the analytical reports.
  • Compare the resulting ‘remaining lives’ with your expectations.
  • Produce a works programme for the next 5 years – actually use the results.
  • Gain feedback on your data model and results from one of our Analysts.

At the end of the one-month trial, you can choose whether to continue with the SPM software, or simply use the reports you’ve produced.

How to get your free one-month SPM software trial

Simply complete the form below, and our asset management specialists will contact you to guide you through the next steps.


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Your data + our data = building asset intelligence for long-term thinking.

Watch the video above to see how combining our data can add significant value to your organisation.

Is it for me?

Our customer base is broad and ranges from Housing Providers to Local Councils, Health Organisations to Facilities Managers and Education Institutions, as well as Commercial Businesses and State and Federal Government Bodies.

Which countries is SPM software for?

SPM software is cloud-based, so it can be wherever you are. The software is in English, and we work with clients across the world, including Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Why is SPM software different?

While other CMMS and asset management systems focus on daily workflows, SPM software helps you think and plan long-term. Plus our asset management consultants collaborate with you to achieve your organisation’s goals.

Do you have any questions about the free trial?

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Online Demonstration


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