Housing Choices Australia

Housing Choices Australia (HCA) is a national, not-for-profit housing provider that currently manage over 3,200 housing properties in both Victoria and Tasmania. HCA is currently aiming to become a Tier 1 Registered Provider under the National Regulatory System by 2017, with a mission “to be a leading provider of affordable homes across Australia, working with partners to create resilient and inclusive neighbourhoods”.

HCA had a need to better know their property portfolio, with the emphasis being on the need to improve their approach when it comes to maintaining their portfolio. HCA engaged SPM Assets in early 2012 to implement a specialised configuration of the SPM Assets application to move to an evidence based long-term strategic asset planning process. The software configuration identifies current and future shortfalls, determines projects to address shortfalls, and provides the evidence to support the budgeting process across HCA’s property portfolio. Through the use of the SPM Assets software application, HCA have created a detailed picture of each dwelling and the types of maintenance issues it may experience in the years ahead. In addition to a greater understanding of their maintenance issues, the infield surveys (completed through the use of the Mobile module of the software) highlighted properties that did not meet the long-term needs of Housing Choices and their residents.


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