26 Feb 2018

Your data - your asset intelligence

We are making it easier to breathe life into your data through new analytics and dashboards that bring together your work-order data and your asset information to provide new insights – first you need to provide your daily work history through automated overnight data transfers. Yes, we have talked about this over the past few years as part of our ‘vision beyond software'.

It’s one thing to discuss and provide this vision – it’s quite another to execute and make it happen. It’s now time to make it happen and we are making it easier for our customers to tap into the hidden value of data that has previously been challenging to extract.

A new simple data extraction process is getting through the traditional barriers to stream information on works done. This data is going into our new data warehouse where we are applying analytics to produce new insights that will make it easier to understand your asset portfolio. You will see your assets and works in a completely new way through more interactive dashboards – you will more easily be able to gain the value from your own data blended with our ‘asset knowledge library’ – better manage risks and leverage opportunities.

Expect to see some quite spectacular insights over the next 6 months. Your Account Manager will call to discuss over the coming weeks.