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26 Mar 2019

Wrap up of the 2019 Annual Conferences

Marina, Customer Success manager and Pio, Data Scientist
After months of planning, we were delighted at the success of our two Annual Conferences held in Auckland and Sydney this month. We would like to thank everyone who attended, especially those that presented.
25 Mar 2019

SPM Assets opens its US office

SPM Assets Opens US Office
SPM Assets opened its first office in New York, United States. The US has a growing need for robust physical asset management strategies, particularly in the New York affordable housing industry.
22 Mar 2019

An agile approach to asset management

An Agile approach to prevent asset failures
Julia Checchia, PMI Sydney Chapter President, spoke about Agility and Asset Management Planning at our Annual Conference in Sydney last week. Read more for an overview of the principles of Agile, and how it can be applied to asset management.
18 Mar 2019

A visual summary of the Auckland Conference

A visual summary of the Auckland SPM Assets Conference
Martin Coates created a thought provoking and on-topic one-page visual summary of the content presented at the Auckland Conference. Read more to see the fantastic drawing, and to read Martin’s commentary on it.
27 Feb 2019

Programs Integration with SPM Assets is on its way

Programs by SPM Assets
Your feedback has told us that you’d like Programs to be integrated with SPM Assets, and we’ve identified a number of ways this could be achieved. Read more and vote for the options you’d find most helpful – or provide your own take on this.
27 Feb 2019

Mobile NEXT will be available soon

Mobile NEXT
Customer feedback has led to the creation of two new functions on Mobile NEXT: the ability to add photos in the field, and building QA checks into the inspection configuration. Read more about these exciting new features.
26 Feb 2019

Saastr 2019 - where the Cloud meets

Saastr Annual Conference 2019
Every February about 12,000 people come together in San Francisco to hear the latest stories and thinking on Cloud applications or SaaS products. This was our second year at the event – Steve Lyons, Wouter Pels and David Long made the pilgrimage as part of the New Zealand delegation of 150 people and over 100 SaaS businesses.
30 Jan 2019

Use Property Quality Standards to complete Compliance Audits

Eliminate Double Handling! Use Property Quality Standards to complete Compliance Audits
Recently, one of our council clients decided to save a lot of time & frustration with their regular parks and playground audits. The council has been using an old paper based approach with council officers filling in audit sheets onsite, and then inputting data to a spreadsheet. The Property Manager’s goal was to eliminate double handling. Find out how he achieved his goals.
29 Jan 2019

Findings to date from the Programs focus group

Findings to date from the Programs focus group
Since the soft launch of our new Programs application at the end of last year, we’ve been busy running demos and feedback sessions with customers – it’s all very exciting! The feedback so far has been positive and very interesting. Thank you to those of you who have helped us so far, and we’re looking forward to utilising this information in our first release.
19 Dec 2018

How to survey a complex building from scratch

How to survey a complex building from scratch
The confessions of a property surveyor: Peter Mowchanuk is a Lead Surveyor at SPM Assets, and has over 7 years’ experience in surveying thousands of commercial and residential buildings. Here are his tips on how to make surveys quick and easy. The goal is to work as time efficiently as possible, yet produce a survey that is meaningful, accurate, and with data that can be relied on.

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