Assess, analyze & plan your property & other assets with our asset management solutions. Free consultation.

Asset management:

Do you need a clear understanding of the current 
condition of your physical assets? And easy-to-use tools for asset lifecycle management, so you can plan for future requirements and investment decisions?


Assess, analyze & plan your property & other assets with our asset management solutions. Free consultation.

SPM Assets has the complete package of physical asset management solutions that both support and drive your asset management planning.

We do this through our world-leading cloud-based asset management software, that’s backed by our experienced team of surveyors, consultants, and trainers. We have been working with a wide range of organizations and industries throughout New Zealand, Australia and South Africa since 2001, and our physical asset management software and services are now available in the US.

Call us to help you with:


  • Asset management plans (AMPs) and strategic asset management plans.
  • Asset registers and condition assessments, including providing survey resource
  • Compliance, functionality and amenity assessments.
  • Asset lifecycle planning, asset lifecycle analysis, and risk management.
  • Consulting with your management team.
  • Supporting and training your entire team in all aspects of asset management.

Get strategic asset management solutions that enable you to plan for better facilities to work, live learn and play – in a more sustainable way.

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Assess, analyze & plan your property & other assets with our asset management solutions. Free consultation.

World-leading strategic asset management software

Create a consolidated central register of assets that's available to everyone who needs it. 

The SPM Asset management software's core module can be used as is, in its off-the-shelf configuration. This can be set up overnight and draws on the SPM database of $100bn property assets. These templates allow you to create your Building Information Models (BIM) and easily generate evidence-based works programs. 

These are just some of the benefits of the physical asset management software from SPM Assets: 


Consolidated data

All your asset data is centrally located, so everyone who needs access can have the data at their fingertips. 


Shared or private cloud

Choose the cloud-based asset management solution that's right for your organization. 


ISO 55000 compliance

Have confidence that our software is aligned with the principles of ISO 55000. 


Pre-configured reports & dashboards

Start analyzing and planning quickly and easily with our asset management reporting software. 


Flexible permission levels

Establish appropriate levels of access to the asset management database for your team. 


Condition-based risk analysis

Predict when work is needed using scientific methods. 


Easy property assessments

Asset condition surveys and assessments are easy and quick to perform. 



Our asset management software is just as suitable for small portfolios as it is for large, complex organizations. 


Business intelligence reporting tools

The embedded business intelligence data tool provides insights into risks and opportunities. 

Advanced asset management software modules

Extend your asset management system’s capabilities by selecting additional modules for your strategic asset management software. We’re happy to recommend the modules that will add the most value to your organisation. Should you wish to expand the capability of the asset management software, you can request additional modules at any time. 

Here are the additional modules – based on whether they assist you to Assess, Analyse, or Plan:


Set up and use the asset management software in a way that works for your organization:



Complete in-field surveys quickly and accurately using the latest cloud and tablet technology from SPM Mobile.


Advanced data

Configure fields within the data model; complete bulk updates across the database; and seamlessly import and export data for manipulation in other systems. 


Advanced security

Create a wide range of permissions, access rights and password controls when a greater level of security is required. 


Take your analysis to the next level with these add-on modules:


Self-service reporting

Create your own interactive, graphical and tabular reports with easy drag-and-drop tools. 


Property Quality Standards

Define a level of service for an asset at a property level and then make an assessment of performance against that standard. 


Tenancy reporting

Advanced electronic property condition reporting for landlords and property owners who need to record tenants' wear and tear. 


Web services (API)

Our API allows you to seamlessly connect SPM Assets software with other programs. 


Advanced asset management tools help you with your asset lifecycle management and planning:


Advanced lifecycle & risk

Make informed decisions around the optimum level of maintenance for an asset, and the timing of its replacement.


Maintenance planner

Easily produce a schedule of tasks that puts you in control of maintenance vs. preventative work.


Project planning

Develop works programs that are meaningful and realistic given the time, resources and budget you have available.


Collaboration tools

Share information with key stakeholders in an engaging way that builds your knowledge base over time.


Project portfolio management

Move from asset-level data to project-level planning and breathe life into your works-programming.

Assess, analyze & plan your property & other assets with our asset management solutions. Free consultation.

Asset management services and consulting

Our asset management services go hand-in-hand with our software to create a complete asset management solution for you to draw on as you need it. 



Get hands-on help with your condition assessments and property assessments. 



Expertise in analysis and reporting, to bring your team to a new level of sophistication in asset management planning and techniques. 


Support and training

Ensure all your team is skilled and comfortable in their asset management practices. 

SPM Assets' 7-point asset planning framework

Assess, analyze & plan your property & other assets with our asset management solutions. Free consultation.

Aligning physical asset management with your service delivery and funding options means that your organization as a whole can run more efficiently and effectively. Here is a summary of how to implement strategic asset management in practice:

  1. Know your services.
  2. Know the assets and costs needed to deliver those services.
  3. Know what you need in terms of assets, both now and in the future.
  4. Know what's possible: consider asset and non-asset solutions to service delivery.
  5. Know what you need to do now in terms of budgets, risks and prioritisation - and develop solutions.
  6. Know what's sustainable to make informed decisions.
  7. Know your funding options, and determine the investment needed to address current and future shortfalls, so your organization can deliver the outcomes to its customers.

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I can and do refer many people to SPM Assets because it is the only affordable product on the market that provides exactly the function required by many organisations in the social housing sector. SPM Assets provides decision makers like myself and the Board some comfort knowing that there is a considered method behind the financial forecasting done by our assets and financial teams that is likely to be much more accurate than using historical data to project future maintenance expenditure. SPM Assets also informs our decisions around acquisition and disposal of assets instead of relying on the opinions of staff working in the asset management and maintenance roles.

Brett Hanna, Regional Housing

The prompt and willing support of all SPM staff, staff are willing to help no matter what the question/problem whether it is something simple or more complex. The willingness of SPM to keep abreast of technology and constantly enhancing the systems. The networking workshops which are available where users from various organisations can learn from each other as well as the updates from SPM staff on new innovations.

Annetta Purdy, Waikato District Council

I have always recommended SPM Assets to anyone that I believe can benefit from it. I particularly appreciate the prompt responses and professionalism shown by the team (especially Jose and Mitch). I look forward to our next meeting or conference in the near future.

Hiran Lala, Broadspectrum NZ

In the 18 months since we started our relationship with SPM, the key element has been the consistency of their commitment to the relationship. The SPM team has always found the time to invest into understanding our needs, assisting in our development, and reminding us of our inherent responsibility as asset managers towards our business stakeholders. Along with all the other elements, such as customer support, software and system development, etc., this deep sense of relationship loyalty is by far the most valued aspect of Panuku working with SPM.

Andre Fredericks, Panuku Development Auckland

Our understanding of the current state of our assets together with our future capital spending requirements has never been better. This gives us significantly increased confidence and peace of mind when we consider our capital planning and asset criticality, and our broader ability to derive maximum value from the assets we have. 

Brian Walden, Wanganui DHB/Mid Central Health Boards
Not only has the implementation of the SPM software greatly improved how quickly we are able to produce reporting on our estate, but we are now in a position to be able to undertake significantly more analysis of the available data and provide a more holistic view of its overall condition and lifecycle. Importantly, we have given the senior executive team more confidence in the information we are now able to provide, resulting in an increased budget allocation to address our backlog maintenance and strategic asset management planning.
Renee Inkster, University of Southern Queensland
The software application is specific with the end-user interface modifiable to individual needs. You can obtain core functionality for prudent asset management very easily.
Rob Ashley, Hauraki District Council
Senior management is starting to realise the power of the information we are collecting and are making use of it in our asset management.
Meg, Housing Choices Australia
Council has been extremely happy with support SPM Assets has provided over the years. Their expertise has allowed this Council to understand its assets better and this has resulted in a successful submission for the appropriate funds to manage our assets. We are now in control of our portfolio’s budgeting and starting to make a real difference to the communities we serve.
Phillip Sorbello, Cumberland Council