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Expand your knowledge and stay up to date with SPM Assets as you browse our asset management events for the year! The SPM Assets team have the knowledge and experience to demonstrate and advise how the Planon suite of products can help solve the challenges your businesses face through smart, sustainable building management. Can’t make it to our events in person? You can also view our series of recorded asset management webinars below.

Community Housing Forum: A Roadmap for the next 20 Years and Beyond

This event will provide a platform for you and your peers from like-minded organisations in New Zealand to collaborate, network, share ideas and discuss innovative practices in managing housing portfolios.

Key Details:

Community Housing Sector Forum Agenda:

We're in the final stages of drafting the agenda which we will share with you soon.

On registering you will receive a short 1-minute survey to let us know which of our proposed agenda topics would be of most interest to you.

Now On-demand:

Webinar - Improve your asset planning and maintenance management with smart, sustainable building technology

There are many challenges in asset planning and maintenance management, including the age-old problem of bringing the two together in an integrated way.

In April, Planon acquired majority ownership of SPM Assets. This acquisition combined Planon’s leading enterprise software for smart, sustainable buildings with SPM Assets’ property asset management planning solution.

Watch this webinar to see how SPM Assets is now offering Planon solutions to help our customers and the industry future-proof building management.

Webinar: Real-life challenges in the world of Asset Management

Do you find it challenging to implement your asset management plans? Getting your asset management process up and running in the real world can have its complications – we get it. Because we work closely with our customers, SPM Assets understands those challenges. And we see the same issues arise time after time.

Discover pragmatic, workable solutions for these challenges in our on-demand webinar presented by Tom Clarke, Senior Asset Management Consultant at SPM Assets. It’s free and full of practical ideas to help you.

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