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Data collection made easy

The quality of your plan is determined by the accuracy of the information on which it’s based. Mobile allows you to quickly and cost-effectively collect data and assess properties and their physical assets while in the field.

Accuracy is assured by Mobile's intuitive workflow process. This guides users and ensures the correct properties are inspected, and the right assets are assessed. Quality assurance checks are completed by the system in the field. All data is transferred to our asset management software where it can be inspected, analysed and reported on. Asset managers can see the data model develop daily and start making good use of the data as soon as it’s collected.

Our Mobile software can support several different onsite audits that include:

  • Grading of condition
  • Asset monitoring inspections
  • BCA/DDA compliance inspections
  • Asset functionality/performance assessments
  • Hazardous materials inspections
  • Defect investigations



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Quickly complete surveys

On-the-spot assessments guiding inspectors to get it right first time..

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Improve accuracy

Using industry-proven templates and asset references.

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Minimal training

Intuitive off-the-shelf packages.


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Align to standards

Aligned with recognised international standards and guidelines (IPWEA).

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Can be configured for almost any type of condition assessment survey.

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Easy data transfer

Export asset data for manipulation in other systems.

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