Asset management is in our DNA

SPM Assets specializes in strategic asset management. We provide asset management services to help organizations build a better understanding of their physical assets as well as easy-to-use asset management software to enable them to plan their projects more effectively. We have been helping asset intensive organizations make asset management work better for 18 years, and are now empowering all organizations to proactively leverage property lifecycle asset management.

SPM stands for sic parvis magna in Latin. Loosely translated, it means, "great things from small beginnings". Incorporated in 2001, the company was founded by Steve Lyons and Chris Jenkins, who believed there was a smarter way to maximize the lifetime of their physical assets and deliver better outcomes for their stakeholders. Our Corporate head office and software development team are located in Auckland, New Zealand, with the customer service and sales teams based in Sydney, Australia. We hold information on over $150 billion of property assets, and are continually innovating our service delivery to make our customers’ jobs easier, and with reliable, scientific data for decision making. Our local services teams of highly experienced consultants assist organizations with strategic asset management, establishing the best process for assessing and maintaining assets.

Our leadership

Why work with SPM Assets?

Come and work with us! We have so much to be proud of here at SPM Assets: we are experts in our field (we even wrote the book on asset management), our software makes managing assets simpler and easier for Asset Managers and we have conducted some of the largest property condition assessments in Australasia! Working at SPM Assets you will gain awesome experience, have opportunities to progress in your career and be part of a team that is reaching great heights. Don't delay - come and join our team today!