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Quickly prioritise projects

Programs is an easy-to-use Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software tool. Quickly build works programmes and create a holistic view of every single project across all organisational areas in one central place. Bring your annual and long-term planning processes to life, to make asset management work better for you.

You can combine Programs project portfolio management with your existing asset data, and also use SPM Assets’ other analytical tools to demonstrate the impact of project timing on business needs. You’ll finally have one central repository for all your planned projects – and you can easily plan scenarios within our intuitive cloud-based software rather than relying on cumbersome spreadsheets.

Get even more out of Programs by combining it with our other powerful asset management software suite of modules:

  • Advanced lifecycle and risk: Make informed decisions around the optimum level of maintenance for an asset, and the timing of its replacement.
  • Maintenance planner: Easily produce a schedule of tasks that puts you in control of maintenance vs. preventative work.
  • Project planning: Develop works programmes that are meaningful and realistic given the time, resources and budget you have available.
  • Collaboration tools: Share information with key stakeholders in an engaging way that builds your knowledge base over time.


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Reduce your workload

Use Programs to drive the planning of your works programmes.

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Quick decision-making

All information in one place and up to date.

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Transparency and clarity

Get your whole team aligned on priorities


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Single view of all your projects

A tool that's easier to use than a spreadsheet

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Share and collaborate

Build 'planning boards' in collaboration with other stakeholders.

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Data transfer

Import asset data from other system or pull data directly from SPM Assets.

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