Creating a compelling story

Creating a compelling story

Organisations with extensive and complex asset portfolios need to deliver more meaningful and sustainable outcomes to their communities, customers, and other stakeholders by delivering the right projects for the right reasons at the right time. SPM Assets’ Lifecycle management software enables you to analyse your data to determine the most cost-effective asset management strategies.

You don't have to start with a comprehensive view of your assets. While the data on your properties may be incomplete, our software asset lifecycle offers a range of predictive models on which the analysis is performed. As more information becomes available, you can easily increase the accuracy of your calculations.

There’s an additional range of modules that work in conjunction with Lifecycle to take your analysis to the next level:

  • Maintenance planner: Easily produce a schedule of tasks that puts you in control of maintenance vs. preventative work.
  • Project Planning: Develop a works program aligned to your budget.
  • Self-service reporting: Create your own interactive, graphical and tabular reports with easy drag-and-drop tools.



Total portfolio view

Total portfolio view

Tell a compelling story about your portfolio, its shortfalls and how to manage risk.

Proven technology

Proven technology

Best practice world-class software asset management lifecycle planning at everyone's fingertips.

Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

Optimised replacement timing, managing your spend effectively.


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Detailed portfolio view

Gain a complete view across your assets with the ability to drill into specific details.

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Automated calculations

Leverage pre-populated industry-specific data to quickly generate reliable predictions.

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Forecast future spend

Combine predictive models, risk and costs into a unified approach to analysing future costs.

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