Planning Beyond Condition – Compliance Assessment & Risk Assessment

Planning Beyond Condition – Compliance Assessment & Risk Assessment

Ensuring physical assets comply and deliver the levels of service demanded by all stakeholders is essential to the continued success of today’s organisations.

SPM Assets will identify areas of non-compliance with key aspects of policies and legislation, like the Healthy Homes Standard, and your own service levels. As part of our process, we’ll work with you to identify and document your standards and policies and can develop a budget and plan to close the identified service gaps.

We understand the uniqueness of every organisation. Our focus is on delivering a structured and auditable process that produces reliable, cost-effective results.

Our helpful compliance assessments will help ensure you can get access to the budget you need. 


The Benefits of Asset Compliance Assessments

SPM ICONS_RGB_noexclusionzone_ManageRisk_green

Manage risk

Clarity on your risks and costs to mitigate these risks.

SPM ICONS_RGB_noexclusionzone_MakeBetterDecisions_green

Make better decisions

A proactive approach to evidence-based decision-making.

SPM ICONS_RGB_noexclusionzone_DetailedPortfolioView_green

Total portfolio view

Expand and evaluate your full range of options.

Our Service Capabilities

SPM ICONS_RGB_noexclusionzone_GeographicalReach_green

Geographical reach

Experienced inspectors located across Australia and New Zealand.

SPM ICONS_RGB_noexclusionzone_ProvenMethodology_green

Proven methodology

Backed by quality assurance processes and technology to cost-effectively collect data.

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Demonstrated experience

We undertake thousands of compliance assessments every month.

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