Do your current systems make it difficult to understand the condition of your housing assets?

And do you need a clearer understanding of future maintenance requirements for your investment and funding decisions?

Managing community housing portfolios is challenging. Being overloaded with different data telling different stories can be time-consuming to manage and interpret. Plus there is the added pressure of compliance and auditing requirements.

On top of that, you need to maintain the properties to your specific asset standards, keeping them safe and functional with the appropriate appearance. You also need to consider how the property will deteriorate well into the future and know what’s required to maintain the capital value.

Your solution: Community housing asset management software and services

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Benefits of SPM Assets’ community housing asset management solutions:

Easy building assessments

Property condition surveys and assessments are easy and quick to perform, making your team more productive and efficient.

Centralised & mobile-enabled data

Your whole team will have all the information they need at their fingertips for effective decision making and reporting.

Easy to use planning tools

Minimal training is required to use the range of sophisticated asset planning tools for council asset management.

Maintenance plans & works programmes

SPM Assets software will allow you to generate maintenance plans and works programmes as far into the future as you wish.

Manage your budget with confidence

Not only will you be able to fund the right project at the right time, but you’ll have the confidence knowing that you’re following the right approach in your public sector asset management.

Keep assets operational for longer

The planning and maintenance software will enable you to keep assets functional and relevant for the longest possible period.

How does SPM Assets social housing management software work? 

Our social housing software for asset management allows you to quickly establish an accurate description of your assets; develop short, medium, and long term plans; and to manage assets on a daily basis. Included in the solution is a range of easy-to-use asset planning tools that enable you to:

  • Accurately record the properties you are managing, right down to a component level such as doors, windows, paint and carpet.
  • Full assessments can be done in 30 minutes: our inspectors assess 10 dwellings a day. The software is easy to use, so you can focus on the condition assessment rather than on how to use the software.
  • Planning the survey is easy: you can assign properties to inspectors, and manage their performance in real time.
  • You will have access to our templates and libraries – we’ve already done the thinking for you.
  • Assess the condition of housing components to your own defined standards and provide the evidence to establish longer-term budgets and works programmes.
  • Produce a schedule of shorter-term work items based on a library of predefined defects.
  • Assess the property’s amenity and compliance, to identify areas that need to improve safety, security, energy efficiency, and function.
  • Use all of this information to plan your works programme – whether you wish to take a 5-year view or a 50-year horizon.
  • Fulfil all your compliance and regulatory obligations easily, and create a cohesive and science-based housing asset management strategy.

Asset management case studies

These asset management case studies highlight how we work with our customers to benefit them:

Haumaru Housing
Haumaru Housing

Haumaru Housing’s overarching goal was to have one source of truth for its asset management activities. There was a need to move away from purely reactive maintenance, to refurbishments, and to planning new residential villages. It needed evidence-based projects to bring the villages up to the standard aligned with Haumaru Housing’s goals.

Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities
Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities

One of Kāinga Ora’s key roles is ‘being a world-class public housing landlord’ with a focus on customer wellbeing through provision of good quality, warm, dry and healthy homes. To ensure its goals are met, Kāinga Ora needs to conduct regular health and safety inspections of its national property portfolio while minimising the impact of these inspections on customers.

Tāmaki Regeneration
Tāmaki Regeneration

Tāmaki Regeneration, jointly owned by the New Zealand Government and Auckland Council, is leading a first-of-its-kind urban regeneration programme along the Tāmaki Estuary in Auckland.

Hume Community Housing
Hume Community Housing

Hume Community Housing (HCH) is a community housing provider in Sydney, NSW that manages a growing property portfolio of over 1,300 properties across the Inner-West and Western suburbs of Sydney.

Housing Choices Australia
Housing Choices Australia

Housing Choices Australia (HCA) is a national, not-for-profit housing provider that currently manage over 3,200 housing properties in both Victoria and Tasmania. HCA engaged SPM Assets in early 2012 to implement a specialised configuration.

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