Asset management is in our DNA

SPM Assets specializes in strategic asset management. We provide asset management services to help organizations build a better understanding of their physical assets as well as easy-to-use asset management software to enable them to plan their projects more effectively. We have been helping asset intensive organizations make asset management work better for 18 years, and are now empowering all organizations to proactively leverage property lifecycle asset management.

SPM stands for sic parvis magna in Latin. Loosely translated, it means, "great things from small beginnings". Incorporated in 2001, the company was founded by Steve Lyons and Chris Jenkins, who believed there was a smarter way to maximize the lifetime of their physical assets and deliver better outcomes for their stakeholders. Our Corporate head office and software development team are located in Auckland, New Zealand, with the customer service and sales teams based in Sydney, Australia. We also have a growing presence in New York, USA and South Africa. We hold information on over $150 billion of property assets, and are continually innovating our service delivery to make our customers’ jobs easier, and with reliable, scientific data for decision making. Our local services teams of highly experienced consultants assist organizations with strategic asset management, establishing the best process for assessing and maintaining assets.

Our leadership

Steve Lyons

Steve Lyons
CEO and Co-Founder

Based in Sydney, Steve oversees the overall performance of the company and forging new partnerships around the world. He is a recognised thought leader in strategic asset management and sought-after speaker.

He authored the NAMS Property Manual; co-authored the IPWEA Practice Note 3 for Building Condition and Performance Assessments; and contributed to the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM). 

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Chris Jenkins

Chris Jenkins
CFO and Co-Founder

Chris is responsible for financial and operational performance at SPM Assets. He focuses on the identification and analysis of key investment drivers, policies and conditions that effect the long-term management of assets.

He contributed to the establishment of global standards; lectured at Auckland Univerity; and developed long-term asset management plans for local authorities and utility companies in New Zealand and Australia. 

Outside of work Chris enjoys spending time with his family and traveling.

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David Long
General Manager, New Zealand

David is known for his insightful knowledge of strategic asset management and his expertise in the practical application of these principles.

David leads the New Zealand business to ensure customer success, spearheading a team of experienced and enthusiastic experts, all passionate about improving the management of physical assets, and delivering better outcomes. 

When not at work David enjoys sailing, diving, and exploring the beautiful New Zealand countryside. He is fascinated by the America’s Cup - from the design and testing of the foiling monohulls to the on-water battles and challenges.

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Graham Hill
Group Sales and Marketing Manager

Graham oversees the Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success Teams at SPM Assets. His primary focus is to grow the company’s global revenue streams and enhance customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

Graham brings a wealth of sales and management experience having worked in the software industry for over 20 years. He has also held senior management roles in wholesale, manufacturing, and retail sectors.

Outside of work Graham enjoys traveling and staying fit and healthy. His big sporting passions are basketball and more recently golf (where there is scope for much improvement).

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Troy Swanson
Financial Controller

Troy is a Chartered Accountant, who is passionate about efficiency and improvements to financial performance. He brings over 15 years of accountancy and financial management experience to the team. As Financial Controller he is responsible for the financial performance of the SPM Assets group of companies.

Outside of work Troy likes to spend time with family, play football, and travel. He also dedicates time to supporting community societies, currently as Treasurer for Dance & Arts Therapy NZ and Chairman for Howick & Pakuranga Community Houses Inc.


Diego Abrianos
Chief Technology Officer

Diego oversees the Product Development and Support teams with a key focus on the development of simple, user-friendly, performant, and scalable software solutions.

Diego has extensive experience as a leader within enterprise-level technology companies and prides himself on building great teams to develop solutions that delight customers. He has an MBA in People Management, a Post Grad Diploma in Web and Information Systems, and a Bachelor of Computer Science.

Outside of work Diego enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, skiing, and exploring the outdoors to stay connected with nature.

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Alfrey McMillan
HR Manager

Alfrey's key focus is ensuring that communication and collaboration are encouraged across the business, and employees feel valued, supported, engaged, and appropriately challenged in their roles.

Alfrey has over 14 years of operational and strategic HR experience, working in both large and medium-sized, public and private organisations. Alfrey has a Bachelor of Management Studies, a Post Graduate Diploma in HR Management and she has trained as a LEADR mediator.

When not at work Alfrey enjoys spending time with her family, fishing, boating and generally enjoying life at the beach.

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Come and work with us! We have so much to be proud of here at SPM Assets: we are experts in our field (we even wrote the book on asset management), our software makes managing assets simpler and easier for Asset Managers and we have conducted some of the largest property condition assessments in Australasia! Working at SPM Assets you will gain awesome experience, have opportunities to progress in your career and be part of a team that is reaching for great heights. Don't delay - come and join our team today!

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We're growing!

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