An introduction to Planon

Planon is the leading global provider of Smart Sustainable Building Management software that connects buildings, people and processes. By eliminating data silos and aligning solutions into one shared information platform, Planon provides all building stakeholders with actionable and meaningful insights.

Independent market research and consulting firms including Verdantix, IDC, Gartner and Frost and & Sullivan have consistently rated Planon as a global leader in the market.

In April 2022, SPM Assets became a Planon company and now represents Planon in the Australasian market.

Planon’s Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS)

Move confidently into the future with workplace management software that empowers you to make the best decisions and act quickly and sustainably to ensure the health, safety, comfort and productivity of your people and the places where they do business.


Asset and Maintenance Management

Collect all the relevant asset information and maintenance data for all your buildings in one central database to support business continuity in a compliant and cost-efficient way.

Functions include:
• Asset Management
• BIM Integration
• Reactive Maintenance
• Planned Preventive Maintenance
• Condition Based Maintenance
• Resource Planning
• Mobile Field Services App
• Maintenance Contract Management
• Material Management
• Budget Management
• Health, Safety & Hazard Management
• Fleet Management

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Real Estate Management

Maximise your property portfolio’s contribution to business results. With the Planon Real Estate Management solution, you are in control of your most expensive asset: property.

Functions include:
• Portfolio Management
• Rentable Unit Management
• Lease Management
• Lease Accounting
• Cost Settlement
• Financial Management
• Strategic Space Planning
• Transaction Management
• Capital Project Management


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Space & Workplace Services Management

Continuously optimise workplace concepts, improve efficient space management and deploy innovative strategies that are aligned with the changing needs of your organisation.

Functions include:
• Workplace Engagement App
• Access Management
• Meeting & Hospitality Services
• Kiosk & Room Booking Panels
• Space & Workplace Management
• Sensor Integration
• Service Contract Management
• Financial charge back
• Move and Change Management
• CAD & BIM Integration

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Energy & Sustainability Management

Measure and monitor all energy consumption and carbon emissions to ensure compliant reporting, improve corporate social responsibility (CSR), and support sustainability initiatives.

Functions include:
• Energy Data Capture
• Energy Monitoring
• Reporting and Disclosures
• Sustainability Objectives Management
• Sustainability Improvement Projects
• Sustainability Budgeting
• Sustainability Auditing



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Campus Management Solutione

Universities all over the world face increased competition for students and funding. The most successful ones are investing in new and innovative approaches to meet the future needs of students, employers, and society. As a campus facility or real estate professional, you need to ensure your existing infrastructure, as well as new investment in buildings and facilities, is aligned with these changing approaches.

Planon Campus Management Solution is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based, software as a service solution. It is a comprehensive system with a broad range of capabilities that are configured in a modular fashion which means it can provide a solution that perfectly meets your needs today, while also providing a platform for future extension.


Asset and Maintenance Management

Bring asset information and maintenance schedules together, so that you can easily plan and maintain a safe and healthy campus environment.

Space Management

Use real-time data to understand how your space is utilised to create improvement and manage chargebacks. CAD integration allows you to import and maintain up-to-date floorplans.

Services & Event Management

Deliver high quality facilities services to campus staff, faculty, students, and visitors. Simplify the process for users to raise issues and make requests via a smartphone app or web page.

Real Estate Management

Bring together information from your diverse campus real estate. Track commercial leases, manage contracts, and much more.

Sustainability Management

Monitor energy and water consumption, track waste disposal, and more to meet your campus sustainability goals and minimise your campus ecological footprint.

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SPM Assets and Planon – your integrated asset management planning and maintenance management solution

Improve your operational processes with the SPM Assets/Planon integration, bringing together SPM Assets asset management planning solution with Planon’s maintenance management module.

To learn more about the SPM Assets and Planon integration please contact us.

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