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Make data-driven decisions

Establishing a single source of truth on which to base your future investment decisions is the most critical step in asset management.

We can help you consolidate the physical asset information across your organisation into one central asset register that follows internationally accepted guidelines. The initial state of the information doesn’t matter; we can create an asset register for your organisation.

More than just a list of your physical assets, we analyse your strategic business needs and the services delivered by your assets to create the data models that will deliver most value. Bringing together this information with condition, performance and risk data, the asset register forms the basis to identify gaps and create an improvement plan.



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One source of truth

Consolidate all your physical assets in one database.

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Make better decisions

Quality information to base your decisions from.

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Knowledge and confidence

Understand and prioritise risks effectively.


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Demonstrated expertise

Experience across multiple property portfolio types; education, housing, health, local and central government.

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Reference library

Asset reference libraries created for facilities and other discrete type assets updated annually.

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Domain knowledge

We have deep domain asset management expertise and created proven methodologies since 2001.

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