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Partner with experience

Having a plan to support the future demands placed on your organisation is fundamental to good asset management.

SPM Assets produces tailor-made Asset Management Plans (AMPs) for property portfolios and associated assets. The goal: to assist you to make the right decisions on your improvement activities. Your asset management plans will meet international best practices, as we follow the principles of the International Infrastructure Management Manual and will also support your alignment with ISO 55000.

Our asset management advisors have extensive experience across a wide range of industries and are dedicated to meeting our customers’ asset management objectives.


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Demonstrated expertise

Access to experienced resources to plan collaboratively.

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Budget confidently

Gain a solid basis for your budgeting, forecasting and investing.

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Encourage buy-in

Attain an independent business case to get the budget you need.


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Domain knowledge

Expertise across multiple portfolio types: education, housing, government, etc.

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Reference library

Up to date asset reference libraries, providing access to over $150b of asset data.

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Proven methodology

Deep domain knowledge effectively working and growing since 2001.

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