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Move from reactive to planned

A maintenance plan is vital in ensuring your largest assets continue to perform well and hold their value. SPM Assets will help you create this maintenance plan by identifying the maintenance programs across your property portfolio to extend the life of your physical assets; uphold your levels of service; and maintain the physical appearance of your portfolio.

SPM Assets’ maintenance plans are based on our extensive experience across a range of industries. We’ve created a library of planned maintenance regimes and can create a cost-effective maintenance programme tailor-made to suit your needs.

You will finally be able to eliminate the expense of reactive maintenance programs.


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Happy stakeholders

Reduced downtime caused by unplanned failures, keeping your stakeholders happy.

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Keep things running

Optimise the lifetime and performance of your assets between maintenance and replacement.

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Budget confidently

Get the budget you need to reduce deferred maintenance.


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Demonstrated expertise

Experienced inspectors located across Australia and New Zealand.

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Reference library

Up to date asset reference libraries, providing access to over $150b of asset data.

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Proven methodology

Deep domain knowledge effectively working and growing since 2001.

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