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It makes sense to optimise the expected lifetime of your assets, but you need clarity on the current condition of your assets to predict ongoing expenditures.

SPM Assets’ experienced inspectors will undertake visual inspections of your properties, both inside and out. The resulting asset data and condition report allow you to forecast future expenditure using an evidence-based approach.

We can also help you create a regular condition assessment program to refresh your asset data. That way you can spend more time thinking strategically and less time firefighting.

SPM Assets can help you identify and eliminate risk using our proven methodology in condition assessments.



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Save time

Gain the asset data you need, quickly.

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Improve efficiency

Confidence in your data quality.

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Budget confidently

Evidence to get the budget you need.


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Geographical reach

Experienced inspectors located across Australia and New Zealand.

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Proven methodology

Our services are tailored to your specific needs.

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Demonstrated experience

We undertake thousands of compliance assessments every month.

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