Asset Management Training - Stay up to date

Asset Management Training - Stay up to date

Asset management training and development is an essential activity that should be considered in conjunction with your overall asset management approach. Ensuring your team is skilled and comfortable with tools and relevant asset management practices is vital in creating a productive and happy workforce you can count on to deliver competent management of physical assets.

SPM Assets provides asset management training on the practical use of our software, to ensure you can use it independently and get the best out of it. This will make your team’s work easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Our local services team of highly experienced consultants assist organizations with strategic asset management, establishing the best process for assessing and maintaining assets. Members of our team are committed to enriching knowledge through software asset management training at all levels, from tertiary education to customer and industry training.


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Professional development

Develop your staff to show how valuable they are to your organisation.

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Staff engagement

Increase capability of your staff and improve their performance.

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Best practice

Increased productivity and adherence to standards.


Domain Knowledge

Domain knowledge

Expertise across multiple portfolio types: education, housing, government, etc.

Leading technology

Leading technology

Designed by asset managers and built by our own development team.

Proven methodology

Proven methodology

We have deep domain knowledge, effectively working and growing since 2001.

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